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Chapter 962: Coincidentally Her Favorite Designer

At Rhine Apartment.

Qiao Nian slept until two in the afternoon. She was wearing a T-shirt, revealing a thin arm. Her skin was white and her eyes were bright red as she came downstairs.

“Miss Qiao, you’re awake.” Gu San greeted her immediately when he saw her.

Qiao Nian yawned and was quite lazy. She hummed casually and walked to the sofa in the living room.

She did not expect to see a familiar figure.

“Nian Nian.” Seeing her, Ye Lan took the initiative to greet her. Her well-maintained face was filled with a smile. She waved at her and asked her to sit over.

“I was talking to Wangchuan about you. I didn’t expect you to wake up.”

It had been a long time since Qiao Nian saw her. She only paused for a moment before walking over and sitting down where Ye Lan asked her to sit. Perhaps because she had just woken up, her voice was a little hoarse and her attitude was very polite. However, she gave off a carefree feeling. Her dark eyes looked at the man opposite her and she said calmly, “What did you say about me?”

Ye Wangchuan happened to meet her gaze. His thin lips curled up, and he looked quite lazy. His laziness was comparable to Qiao Nian’s.

“I’m telling him that I want to ask you out to watch the show.” Ye Lan did not give the man a chance to interrupt. She pulled Qiao Nian’s hand and said impatiently, “SEVEN’s autumn show is being held at Lan Pavilion this year. I happen to have two invitation cards. Are you going?”

The big shows in the past were all held overseas. For some reason, this year, they had actually booked the show in the country.

Coincidentally, she was in Beijing again!

No matter what age a woman was, she loved jewelry and luxurious clothes. Ye Lan was no exception. She was different from the ladies in the Beijing circle. She wouldn’t waste her time flying overseas to watch a show. However, the show was close by this time, so she was willing to take a look.

After all, she was a loyal fan of this brand.

Ye Lan didn’t know if Qiao Nian knew about this brand or not and patiently introduced it to her. “SEVEN is one of the most popular blue-blood luxury brands in the world in recent years. They have a designer named S. He’s quite mysterious. The things designed by him will be snatched away every time they’re released. He’ll lead the trend for a period of time every time.”

Hearing this, Qian Nian narrowed her eyes slightly. Her expression did not change as she said calmly, “Ah, I’ve heard of SEVEN.”

Seeing that she had heard of her favorite designer, Ye Lan smiled and said in anticipation, “Previously, there was no new work from ‘him’ in the spring and summer series. Many people in the fashion world said that ‘he’ had run out of talent. I thought that there would be no new works from ‘him’ in the autumn and winter series this year.

“Who knew that SEVEN would announce S’s latest product now.”

SEVEN belonged to Cheng Feng Corporation. The news of this autumn and winter show was still tightly covered by them ten days ago. It was said that the Yuan family had run to Cheng Feng Corporation’s boss, Yuan Yongqin, to inquire. Yuan Yongqin had not revealed anything at all.

Ten days ago, Cheng Feng Corporation’s official website suddenly hinted in the middle of the night that the show would release a new series by the genius designer, S.

At one o’clock in the morning, many fans on the official website were so excited that they couldn’t sleep. They kept leaving comments below asking, afraid that they would be stood up again in anticipation.

The next day, SEVEN’s official account reassured everyone. It officially announced that S’s new series would be revealed at the new season’s show.

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