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Chapter 961: If You Want It to Die, You Have to Make It Crazy

Usually, when she returned to the room, she loved to light the aromatherapy lamp and let the room be filled with the fragrance of lavender. She would then sit by the dressing table to wipe her face and skin, or go online to look at the score and listen to the music…

However, this time, she did not want to do anything after returning to her room and closing the door.

Everything that had happened today was like a joke that crushed all her fantasies!

She couldn’t imagine how she could grow up and live under Qiao Nian’s light for three, four years, or even longer.

Qiao Chen threw herself onto the bed. The soft mattress used to relieve all her pressure, but now, she felt like she was sitting on pins and needles.

She took out her phone and flipped through the Internet to see if there was any news of Mr. Huang accepting a disciple.

She did not see anything after searching around.

She bit her lip and opened the school forum unwillingly.

[She’s a fairy from the Chinese Medicine Faculty.]

[Damn, there’s nothing else to say about the school belle in this batch of new students. I unilaterally declare that Qiao Nian from the Chinese Medicine Faculty is our school belle.]

[She’s the Newcomer King this year.]

Her nails dug into her phone as she scrolled down. It was all about Qiao Nian. Anything related to first-year and new students would most likely be discussing Qiao Nian when she opened it. There were also a few tall and blurry photos of her. From the photos, one could see the girl’s exquisite facial features.

She scrolled down and thought that it was all related to Qiao Nian. She didn’t expect to see her name.

[Qiao Chen is not bad-looking, either. The new students this year are all quite good-looking.]

Her expression softened a little.

Unexpectedly, it was filled with mockery.

“Before I saw the new student from the Chinese Medicine Faculty, I also felt that she looked okay. Tsk, humans are afraid of comparisons. Comparisons exist. Brother, stop bragging. Qiao Nian is the new school belle. Qiao Chen can at most be considered the Music Department’s belle.”

“Did the one who said that Qiao Chen is the flower of the Music Department smear sh*t on her mouth? Have you asked our Music Department’s opinion? Our department doesn’t buy fake reviewers to diss Professor Nie Mi on the Internet. She’s more like a man-eating flower.”

In the beginning, it was still a discussion about looks, but now, it became a discussion about her buying fake reviewers.

On the last few pages, someone suggested that the school fire her.

The more Qiao Chen looked at it, the uglier her expression became.

In the end, her hands couldn’t help but tremble. She collapsed on the bed and closed her eyes ruthlessly. After a while, she got up and opened her eyes again, which were filled with twisted madness.

“Qiao Nian!”

She had thought it through. If she couldn’t resolve Qiao Nian at once, she would forever live in her shadow and be suppressed by her for the rest of her life.

Qiao Chen picked up the phone she had thrown by the bed and found Shen Qiongzhi’s number. She took a deep breath, calmed herself down, and called.

“Hello, Mom. Do you still remember what happened in the house when I was 10? Do you still have photos or evidence?”

Half an hour later, Qiao Chen received something.

She took a cold shower and went downstairs. She sat opposite Wei Ling and Shen Qiongzhi, who were still sitting on the sofa downstairs. The atmosphere was heavy. She said softly, “Uncle, Auntie, I thought about it. I don’t miss my childhood anymore.”

Shen Jingyan subconsciously frowned and treated it as if she was fooling around. “If you don’t think clearly, what do you want to do? Go back to high school and repeat for a year?”

Qiao Chen spoke gently, but there was a hint of gloom in her eyes. “Teacher told me that he has a quota in a music school overseas. I plan to study overseas.”

The new season of SEVEN was released ten days after Qiao Nian submitted her manuscript.

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