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Chapter 960: The Legendary Sister Nian

“Okay.” Shen Yugui nodded. “I’ll go now.”

The door to the private room was pushed open.

A girl in a white sweater and canvas shoes walked in.

She was quite lazy and was still holding her phone in her hand. She didn’t even take off the earpiece wire connected to her phone as she walked in casually.

Perhaps noticing everyone’s gaze, Qiao Nian looked up. Her clear eyes were very pure and beautiful.

“I’m sorry for being late.”

Wen Ruxia, who was feeling regretful for her earlier, saw the girl appear at the door. Her mouth twitched and she was stunned.

“Qiao Nian?”

It was rare for her to lose her composure, but she really couldn’t control her surprise.

So, the legendary Mr. Huang’s disciple was Qiao Nian???

The person she had scoffed at and thought was young and arrogant was actually… Qiao Nian???

She was completely defeated.

“Qiao Nian?” Hearing Wen Ruxia’s exclamation, Qin Chulang looked at the door.

Seeing Mr. Huang and Nie Mi stand up to welcome her, they seemed to be very familiar with the girl. He raised his eyebrows in surprise.

He repeated this name in his heart.

Qiao Nian?

Why did he feel like he had heard this name before? He had even heard it more than once.

Where was it?

Compared to the lively atmosphere in the small private room on the second floor, the Shen family and Qiao Chen were a little absent-minded during the apprenticeship banquet on the third floor.

It could be said that the entire process had ended hastily.

Halfway through, Steven had also brought Qiao Chen to introduce her to the connections in the circles he knew. However, Steven was only an outsider, after all. The connections he could get to know were only from the piano industry or members of some small families in Beijing.

After all, everyone had a child. The more powerful and noble a family was, the more they valued their child’s comprehensive development. They had to be smart, beautiful, and outstanding in all aspects.

Therefore, pianists like Steven were quite popular in the industry.

When many small families in Beijing couldn’t reach the Nie Mi line, they would retreat and look for Steven for their children.

Since Steven could be considered as half a teacher to his child, they were also willing to give him face and come over to Qiao Chen’s apprenticeship banquet.

If it were an hour ago, Qiao Chen would have been very happy to know so many people from the wealthy circles in Beijing.

Even if she knew that these people were just small fries in the industry, they were still people she had to suck up to.

But this time, she couldn’t get interested. On the way to the toast Steven had brought her, she had been distracted several times and was not in the mood at all.

This state of mind continued until the apprenticeship banquet ended.

Qiao Chen returned to the Shen family and only told Wei Ling and the others before going to the second floor to her guest room.

The room was neat and tidy, with many antiques and paintings in it. The pure European decor revealed the owner’s taste.

The Qiao family used to be considered wealthy in Rao City. It wasn’t that Qiao Chen had not seen the world at all. For example, the bed and furniture in her room. She could recognize them as famous brands at a glance. They were not cheap.

In the past, she was very satisfied with staying here. This was just a guest room of the Shen family, but it was even more luxurious than her own room in Rao City.

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