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Chapter 959: Don’t Tell Me You’re in an Internet Relationship

He smiled slightly. “I’m not questioning your taste in people. I just want to get to know the young lady. She also studies Chinese medicine. She’s very talented and has a good character. When I saw you taking in a disciple, I suddenly thought of her and felt a little pity for her.”

Qin Chulang knew that Wen Ruxia had always been a busybody in the industry and rarely interfered. He didn’t probe deeper into her intentions and just said calmly, “Everything depends on fate. The girl you’re talking about might not have the opportunity. This can’t be forced. If she’s really outstanding, someone will see her one day.”

“…” Wen Ruxia stopped talking.

She didn’t want to say Qiao Nian’s name. The main thing was that in her heart, Qiao Nian was not worse than the new student Mr. Huang recognized this time.

If she said it and compared the two of them, in her eyes, Mr. Huang’s arrogant new student was not worthy.

Qiao Nian was Zhui Guang!

Her results were good, she was good-looking, and she had won first place in the medical competition. She couldn’t imagine how many waves such a person would cause in Beijing in the future.

Although Mr. Huang’s new student could make people in the industry think highly of her with his name, it was nothing much.

They couldn’t compare to Qiao Nian!

When Qin Chulang saw that she was silent, he didn’t speak either. He slowly picked up the cup of tea and took another sip before slowly putting down the teacup.

He had also waited for more than half an hour. He was much calmer than Wen Ruxia. His tall figure sat steadily as if he did not care about it at all. He took out his phone from his suit, turned it on, and looked at the message.

The weather in Beijing was good, and the sky was clear.

When Qin Chulang saw the message, his eyebrows twitched violently. He almost could not maintain his calm expression. His sharp eyes stared at the message his son had replied.

[Nothing. I just woke up. I played games all night and only slept at four in the morning.]

He took a deep breath and raised his hand to rub his swollen temples. He recalled what Qin Si had told him recently about finding a gaming god to play with him.

It seemed to be a girl.

Every time the girl came online, he would be like a demon. Even if he was eating, he would immediately throw his chopsticks away, pick up his phone, and rush upstairs to play games.

Even the old lady at home was telling him that this brat couldn’t be dating online in the game, right?

He didn’t have the strong views of typical parents, but he still couldn’t accept such a new and trending dating method.

Qin Chulang was suppressing the anger burning in his chest as he replied. It was basically those reprimanding words.

If he wasn’t outside and it wasn’t Mr. Huang’s apprenticeship banquet, he might have been so angry that he would have called outside to scold him.

On the other hand, Mr. Huang had already chatted with the people from the medical organization for a while.

Finally having time, he immediately found Shen Yugui and asked, “When will Qiao Nian arrive?”

Shen Yugui had just finished his call when he turned around and saw his teacher asking him. He quickly replied respectfully, “Soon. She said that she was on the second floor and had already found the private room… However, I also heard others talking to her. I wonder if she bumped into someone familiar.”

The people who could come to the Imperial Mansion for a meal all had complicated identities. There were all kinds of people. Mr. Huang was a little worried. He frowned and asked, “Are you sure she bumped into someone familiar? Why don’t you go out and pick her up?”

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