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Chapter 955: Once He’s Tired of Her, He’ll Naturally Shake Her Off

Qiao Chen stared at the girl’s overly eye-catching face again for a few seconds and couldn’t move her eyes away. Even if her heart was filled with jealousy and anger, she had to admit that Qiao Nian had a good appearance. With this face, any man would be tempted. Otherwise, Wen Ziyu wouldn’t have shouted to chase after Qiao Nian every time he bumped into her on campus…

She was in a daze for a moment.

However, in the blink of an eye, the corners of her mouth curled up in disdain. She retracted her undisguised scrutiny and became calm.

Actually, Fu Ge was quite good in all aspects. The Fu family was one of the few top families in Rao City. There were also people in the family who had taken on official careers. Fu Ge had good results, was tall, and had an outstanding appearance. From any level, he was a good man.

Although she only knew after coming to Beijing that there was always someone better.

For example, the man beside Qiao Nian was much more unfathomable than Fu Ge. He was also more outstanding, and his family background should not be ordinary.

However, she was not envious. After all, with Qiao Nian’s background, she couldn’t reach the edge of the industry with the Shen family backing her. It was even more impossible for Qiao Nian to be accepted.

Qiao Nian only had a good face. That young man from Beijing was probably looking for something new to play with. He was just looking for a girl from a small place to play with.

Once he was tired of her, he would naturally shake her off.

That kind of relationship was different from her relationship with Fu Ge. She had already relied on Wei Ling to build a relationship with Mr. Steven. She would definitely have a place in Beijing in the future. Even if Qiao Nian became Master Nie’s disciple, no matter how wide Nie Mi’s connections were, he was only in the academic circle. His background was still different from the Shen family’s. Qiao Nian couldn’t compare to herself in terms of background!

As for the punishment… Qiao Chen took a deep breath and walked in Fu Ge’s direction. She decided to think of a way when the time came. She had to find a relationship to resolve the punishment. She couldn’t let herself be tainted for the rest of her life.

After thinking it through, she smiled and said gently, “Sister, my teacher organized an apprenticeship banquet for me today. I’m eating upstairs. You know him, Mr. Steven. If you’re not in a hurry, why don’t you call your friend over for a meal?”

Shen Jingyan reacted when he heard this. He looked at Qiao Nian and frowned, then said seriously, “You’re meeting a friend here for a meal? Which friend?”

Qiao Nian glanced at them. It was quite annoying, but she was still on the phone with Shen Yugui. She didn’t want to have anything to do with the three of them. She pressed her earpiece and whispered to the other end of the line, “I found the private room. Wait for me. I’ll be there immediately.”

With that, she hung up the phone and slowly pulled off her earpiece. Without looking at Shen Jingyan, her gaze went past him and landed on the hypocritical girl. She raised her eyebrows, her eyes wild and arrogant with a hint of sleeplessness. She directly called out, “Qiao Chen, are you sure you don’t want to change majors? With your talent, it’s really a waste not to go into acting!”

Qiao Nian had said this before. This time, it was especially face-smacking!

“…” Qiao Chen’s face suddenly turned pale. She grabbed the corner of her shirt and clenched it tightly. She couldn’t stand it anymore.

Wei Ling smiled and crossed her arms. She looked like she was watching a show and had no intention of interfering.

Qiao Chen’s expression became even more awkward.

It was Shen Jingyan who frowned again. His dark gaze landed on the girl as he said in a low voice, “Chen Chen only invited you to eat together. You don’t have to say that about her. She doesn’t have any ill intentions. You…”

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