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Chapter 923: Sister Nian Is Serious This Time

They decided a little later. They arrived at 9 o’clock when the competition was going to start at half-past 9.

These people had privileges in Beijing, and it was easy for them to get tickets to academic competitions that no one watched.

For competitions like this, the huge stadium was merely filled with about one or two hundred people.

Although the competition was going to start in thirty minutes, the stadium was only filled with about one to two hundred people.

Besides the spectators, the rest of the people there were all reporters. They were standing there with their cameras aimed at the stage, waiting to live-stream the competition. For the platforms that did not support the live stream, the reporters would record the competition and would then turn it into a news report.

Qin Si thought that he had arrived early. It was a competition that started at half-past nine, but it was only nine o’clock. Unexpectedly, he saw a person sitting in the first row, which was reserved for VIPs. His eyes flashed with surprise. He walked over and asked., “Master Wang, you arrived so early?”

Seeing Ye Wangchuan there, he also looked around, hoping to spot someone else. After failing to spot that person, he turned back and asked, “Where is Sister Qiao? Is she not with you?”

Ye Wangchuan slept late last night. He also woke up early to come and watch the competition. Without Qiao Nian by his side, he didn’t bother to restrain his temper much. His dark eyes were indifferent, and he replied lazily, “She’s backstage.”

“She went backstage so early?” Qin Si rubbed the bridge of his nose in surprise. He then sat down beside Ye Wangchuan. “I haven’t seen her so eager before. Why is she so excited this time? It’s not her style. That’s so weird.”

Qiao Nian had always been very relaxed.

After interacting with her for the past few months, Qin Si knew this very well.

She was someone who barely made it to the College Entrance Examination on time. However, she came to the venue more than half an hour in advance this time. She even went backstage to prepare. This was too illogical.

Ye Wangchuan raised his thin crimson lips and smiled. He squinted and simply said, “Someone needs to be taught a lesson. She’s very upset.”

She was ranked first every year and ridiculed Chinese Medicine. She was basically making fun of Qiao Nian. If not for this reason, the traditional Chinese Medicine Faculty would also not be able to convince Qiao Nian to participate.

Ye Wangchuan had guessed that was the reason, even if Qiao Nian had not said it. He didn’t ask her, either.

Qin Si was confused and did not understand the situation. He turned his head and saw Gu San. He then asked him, “Gu San, how are Sister Qiao’s preparations? How well do you think she will do?”

Gu San was just standing there. Hearing Qin Si’s question, he turned to look at Zhang Yang and the others beside him. He was thinking about how he could rub their noses in it. His face scrunched up, and after thinking for a while, he said, “Miss Qiao said that she was not planning to rank the last or second last.”

The meaning behind his answer was clear.

Qiao Nian said that she was not planning to take the second last place. As for which position she was planning to take, it was up to them to decipher.

“In any case, in the morning, Miss Qiao said that she had not finished reading books related to the competition that Mr. Huang had sent her.” Gu San spoke seriously.

As soon as he said that, Qin Si and the others were silent and could not speak for a long time.

She hadn’t even finished reading the relevant materials, let alone memorizing the key points.

Qin Si had a complicated expression on his face. It took a long time for him to regain his senses and try to cover for Qiao Nian. “Ah, it should be okay. Sister Qiao is only a freshman. Participation is important! I don’t believe anyone can get first place in their first year!”

His words were sonorous and powerful. Ye Wangchuan put his hands on his chest and leaned back. He glanced at Qin Si faintly.

In the previous years, the first place was taken by overseas medical representatives. This year, Qiao Nian would also be participating. It was hard to say who would be winning this year!

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