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Chapter 916: Don’t Walk in Front of Me Before I’ve Slept Enough

Qiao Nian didn’t care and continued, “I went to the Imperial Mansion to eat after I got off the plane. I ate for four hours.”

Ye Wangchuan was speechless.

He didn’t continue the conversation. His eyes were shimmering. His looks were indeed overly beautiful. Otherwise, Bo Jingxing and the others wouldn’t have said that he was Beijing’s third wonder.

The skies and seas were the first and second wonders, followed by Master Wang’s looks!

He was usually the greatest beauty in Beijing. No one dared to pluck him, nor were they qualified to do so.

Even someone like Jiang Xianrou, who boasted that she had entered their small circle, hid her thoughts very well in front of him and placed herself in the position of his younger sister. She didn’t dare to overstep her boundaries at all, afraid that she would anger this man.

However, Ye Wangchuan had always been calm in front of Qiao Nian.

This kind of good temper, in the eyes of anyone who was familiar with him outside, was akin to a god descending to the mortal world. She managed to make this Young Master Ye lower his noble head and be gentle and affectionate.

Therefore, even if Ye Wangchuan did not understand why Qiao Nian would mention that she had not rested well, he had full patience to let her finish.

“After I came back, I took four calls and replied to eight messages…” Qiao Nian spoke in a calm tone as if she was chatting with him.

Ye Wangchuan held it in as he listened to her. “And then?”

The wildness in the girl’s eyes that had been restrained all this while was released. She stared at him with her dark eyes and did not answer.

However, in the next second, she suddenly raised her neck and bit his thin lips!

Her movements were not considered experienced and were completely different from her usual omnipotent and calm self. She kissed him without any discipline. Holding his thin lips in her mouth, it was more like a bite.

Young Master Ye, who had always been arrogant and self-assured, was stunned and could not recover for a moment.

Qiao Nian immediately regretted it after doing it. She let go and pretended to be calm as she fell back onto the couch. She pursed her lips tightly and raised her hand to suppress the evil glint in her eyes. Restraining herself, she said, “Next time, don’t appear in front of me before I’ve slept enough. I don’t have as much self-control as you think.”

Ye Wangchuan couldn’t find his voice for a long time. “…You don’t have as much self-control as I thought?”

Shouldn’t he be the one saying this?

Qiao Nian took off the hand covering her eyes and said frankly, “Ah, so don’t seduce me. I can’t afford to be seduced.”

She added angrily, “Especially with the good-looking ones. I can’t control myself as well as you think.”

Young Master Ye of Beijing was speechless.

However, Ye Wangchuan was still Ye Wangchuan. After being stunned by her actions, he reacted quickly and returned to his senses. Looking at the girl sitting on the couch, who looked extremely impatient and was ready to escape, he laughed softly and raised his hand to wipe the corner of his bitten lips. Hiss, it hurt a little. His skin was probably scratched and swollen.

His eyes couldn’t help but be filled with laughter again. He didn’t look angry at all. He lowered his head and asked the girl, “Are you going to watch a movie?”

Qiao Nian had just lost control of herself in front of him. Now she placed her hands on her cell phone and her eyes wandered. She leaned back on the couch as if she was thinking.

Ye Wangchuan waited for her to slowly think about it before saying, “Qin Si said that there’s a good movie going on recently. If you don’t want to go to the cinema, we’ll watch it at home.”

He had a film company under his name, so it was easy to get a copy of a movie. After instruction, it would be sent to the condominium.

A room in the apartment was especially for watching movies. The room was small, enough for two people, but he had never used it before as he rarely watched movies.

“Do you want to watch it?” he asked the girl again.

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