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Chapter 915: Master Wang: Do You Want to Watch a Movie This afternoon?

As soon as he walked away, Ye Wangchuan rubbed his forehead. He happened to see a girl in a hoodie coming down the stairs. She wasn’t wearing a cap this time. She must have just finished showering. Her porcelain skin was pink, making her look alluring and eye-catching.

“I’m going into seclusion to study this week,” Qiao Nian said simply as soon as she came down. “I’m going to participate in a competition. I haven’t participated in a similar competition before, so I want to read and study.”

Even if she didn’t say anything, Ye Wangchuan had already found out what competition she was going to participate in.

He only watched as the girl walked past him and picked up the cup of water he had placed on the table to take a sip. She didn’t seem to notice it as she unscrewed the cap and raised her head to drink most of it. Then, she screwed the cap again. Her lips were bright red as she looked at him with her dark eyes and raised the bottle. “This isn’t your water, is it?”

Ye Wangchuan smiled. His thin lips were raised high, and his good mood was written all over his face. However, he always gave off a casual feeling, lazy and seductive. “Ah, haven’t you already drunk it? Is there a difference?”

“…” Qiao Nian touched her eyelids and thought about it. It seemed like there was no difference.

Coincidentally, her throat was a little itchy. She unscrewed the cap and finished the remaining water in the bottle before placing it on the table.

She walked to the sofa and sat down. Her legs were well-proportioned and straight under the package of her jeans. She held her phone as if she was going to start a game. It was clearly a casual action at home, but in the eyes of others, it was like… a crime!

Ye Wangchuan did not understand why he was always easily attracted to her. His eyes darkened as he walked over and covered the phone the girl had placed horizontally. His voice was low and hoarse, with a bewitching tone. “Are you free?”

Qiao Nian had already entered the game app.

Suddenly, she was blocked by a hand. She looked up and bumped into the eyes of the sea of stars. Her heart stopped for a second for no reason, and she leaned back. Her dark eyelashes covered her eyes, and they were a little wild. “Uh, I bought a few books, they won’t be delivered until tomorrow, so I’m free for the time being.”

She paused for a moment and looked at him again. She looked calm. “Is something the matter?”

Ye Wangchuan smiled at her question. He suddenly approached her, and his eye-catching face was pressured. Their breaths intertwined ambiguously. His voice was quite hoarse, but his eyes were smiling. They were charming. “Nian Nian, have you forgotten something? Even if I’m on probation, you have to give me some benefits, right?”


Qiao Nian was blocked by him on the sofa. She was nestled inside, her neck raised to reveal an exquisite face. However, her expression was quite innocent. “Huh? What benefits?”

“For example…” Ye Wangchuan watched as she finished drinking the water from her red lips. His gaze was heavy for a second as he remained still. He raised his hand and placed his fingers on her lips.

His fingers were slightly rough, but his caress was very gentle…

Qiao Nian’s shoulders suddenly stiffened. She didn’t move, but it was obvious that she was tense.

Ye Wangchuan sensed that the girl was not rejecting him, but she was trying to suppress her tension. His eyes darkened and he lowered his hand.

“Since you’re free, let’s go watch a movie this afternoon?”

He acted as if nothing had happened and returned to his arrogant demeanor.

The girl narrowed her eyes ruthlessly and looked at him with her pure black and white eyes. She said incoherently, “I didn’t sleep well last night.”

Ye Wangchuan: “Huh?”

He knew about this. Before getting on the plane, she had said that she had finished her sleeping pills and had only slept for three hours last night.

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