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Chapter 914: I Support Any Decision She Makes

Gu San frowned and followed him again, grumbling. “Isn’t Mr. Huang and the others going too far? Miss Qiao is only in her first year of university. Even if the Chinese Medicine Faculty wants to push someone out to block the knife, they shouldn’t look for Miss Qiao. Isn’t this openly asking Miss Qiao to go out and get scolded on behalf of the Chinese Medicine Faculty?”

The decision of the Chinese Medicine Faculty was really unfair. How could they let a freshman who had not yet entered school represent the entire department in the competition?

This competition was not a small one. When the time came, professional reporters would go over and track the entire process.

They might even do a live broadcast.

Then, wouldn’t the entire country see Miss Qiao getting the last place?

Gu San couldn’t take it lying down. He felt uncomfortable with his chest blocked. He followed Ye Wangchuan the entire way and defended Qiao Nian. “No matter what, there should be someone in the Chinese Medicine Faculty. There are no freshmen, but there are always students in Year Two and Year Three. On what basis should Miss Qiao go?!”

Ye Wangchuan had already unscrewed the cap of the bottle and taken a sip of water. He then placed the bottle down casually. His expression was calm as he did not answer his question directly. He only said, “Qiao Nian must have agreed to it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have reported it.”

Gu San: “…” Was the big boss’s brain clipped by the door??

She was clearly going out to receive a bullet, and she had agreed?

Gu San looked at the calm man with a bitter expression. “… Master Wang, then are you going to watch Miss Qiao participate in this competition like this? Aren’t you going to stop her?”

“Why should I stop her?” After Ye Wangchuan put down the cup of water, he placed his hands by his side and glanced at him casually. “This is her decision.”

“I support any decision she makes.”

It was faint but powerful.

Gu San was inexplicably fed a mouthful of dog food. He swallowed with difficulty and said after a moment, “But if Miss Qiao doesn’t get a good placing in the competition, the media will definitely report it widely. At that time, someone will start stirring up trouble on the Internet again…”

He was thinking the same thing as Nie Mi.

Qiao Nian’s popularity as the top scholar in the national college entrance examination had not subsided yet. Now that she was participating in a competition, if she didn’t get into the top three, how could she shut the mouths of those people on the Internet?

Those people didn’t care if she was a freshman or not. They didn’t care if she was defending the Chinese Medicine Faculty. They just felt that it was wrong of her to lose face in a competition that brought honor to the country!

Even if they couldn’t do it, she couldn’t either!

The Internet’s logic was very rogue, but it had existed for a long time. Furthermore, everyone liked this method.

They could control the mouths of the people in Beijing, but not the mouths of the public.

He was mainly worried that Miss Qiao wouldn’t be able to take it.

Ye Wangchuan stood there as tall as a bamboo. He still had his calm demeanor, but he had heard Gu San’s words. He placed his hand on the cabinet beside him and tapped its surface. He narrowed his eyes and asked Gu San, “Which media company in the country is reporting this competition?”

Such a competition would definitely be followed by regular media reporters. Regular paparazzi were not qualified.

With the Ye family’s status and background, suppressing a media outlet was just a simple matter.

No one would dare to defy him for a competition.

Gu San reacted quickly. “I’ll investigate.”

“Okay, check it out and let them know.”

As for what to let them know, Gu San knew very well. He nodded and hurried to do it.

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