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Chapter 910: Sister Nian: I’m Just Going to See the World

Nie Mi was silent for a long time before he digested her words. He asked worriedly, “Nian Nian, are you really going to participate in this competition?”

He wasn’t a medical student and was not interested in the prestigious competition in the medical world. He just felt that there was no benefit for Qiao Nian to participate in this competition. Instead, she would be easily dragged down.

After the school promotion banquet, Qiao Nian’s name officially appeared in the circle in Beijing. It was definitely a good start.

She was currently the top scorer in the national college entrance examination and the top of the joint entrance examination, so why should she get involved in this matter?

He heard from Liang Conglin that it had been three years since the country last took first place in this international competition. Every time another country took the first place, they would taunt them domineeringly. Whoever went for this kind of thing would just get humiliated. Why did she have to join this…

“Actually, you’ve just entered Qing University this year and haven’t started school yet. You don’t have to represent the school to participate in this competition.” Nie Mi thought a lot about it. His voice was low and dignified as he said, “Did the Chinese Medicine Faculty force you to participate? If that’s the case, don’t worry about this. I’ll tell them!”

Qiao Nian had not officially entered her first year of university. Even if the Chinese Medicine Faculty was at the end of the road and had to send someone to bear the punches, how could they let Qiao Nian be the one?

At the thought of this, Nie Mi became angry. He frowned, and his domineering nature took over!

He had a high status in the academic world.

Only Mr. Huang could be compared to him.

If he spoke, Shen Yugui would definitely not dare to go against him.

Qiao Nian had already switched on her computer and found the names of the books that Mr. Huang had sent her. She directly ordered them online and filled in the address of Ye Wangchuan’s apartment and her own cell phone number. She saw that it would be delivered tomorrow. Regaining her senses, she casually explained, “No, they didn’t force me. I decided to participate in it after some thinking.”

“They didn’t force you? If they didn’t force you, why did you agree to participate? Do you really want to get the second last place? This matter…”

Hearing his anxious voice, Qiao Nian knew that he was worried about her. She smiled and her eyes softened as she interrupted him. “If I don’t go, no one from the Chinese Medicine Faculty will be going this year. If no one goes this year, it will be the fourth year of not participating.”

Nie Mi still felt that it was inappropriate for Shen Yugui and the others to push Qiao Nian out at this time. He sounded angry. “That has nothing to do with you. You just enrolled this year. It wouldn’t be your fault in any case. If anything, they’re to blame!”

Qiao Nian pulled out a chair and sat down with her legs crossed. Her posture was very casual. She had always been relaxed in familiar environments, and her shoulders were also relaxed. Her eyes were lowered and glinted sometimes. She said with a smile, “Ah, it’s nothing. I just heard that the overseas master who won awards for the past few years looks down on Chinese Medicine. His students also said on social media that Chinese Medicine is just a trick to confuse people. It’s not good enough to be shown on stage or in public and that Chinese Medicine practitioners don’t dare to participate in a proper medical competition. I just want to see how powerful Western medicine overseas is, and at the same time, see the world…”

The words “see the world” came out of her mouth. Nie Mi felt like the sun had risen from the West.

He didn’t know Qiao Nian well.

He only knew that she had shocking talent in the field of musical instruments, but he didn’t know why Qiao Nian had such a good relationship with Cheng Feng Corporation, why her results had skyrocketed… and how she had made those small pills that couldn’t even be bought on the black market… He didn’t know any of these.

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