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Chapter 905: You’re Ridiculous!

He wasn’t deaf and clearly heard what Ye Wangchuan said to him just now.

But he didn’t agree at all.

How old was Qiao Nian?

She would only turn 19 in a few months. She had just finished her College Entrance Examination and had yet to attend university.

He had vaguely heard the Old Master mention the engagement between their families, but the Old Master had only said that there was a marriage contract and did not mention the specifics to him.

In Jiang Zongnan’s eyes, it didn’t matter if Qiao Nian and Ye Wangchuan had an engagement or not. It was too early to live together.

Before Qiao Nian could reply, her cell phone rang again. It was the Chinese Medicine Faculty again. Obviously, it was because she didn’t answer just now.

She frowned and said to the man beside her, “I’m going to answer a call. Wait for me.”

“Mm.” Ye Wangchuan held her hand and helped her tidy up her cap before letting her go.

Although Qiao Nian was not used to being especially intimate with him in front of everyone, she did not resist and allowed him to do it.

After he let go, she looked up and explained politely to Jiang Zongnan, “It’s a call from the school. It seems they want to talk to me about something urgent. I’ll go and answer the call. The place I’ll be staying at tonight… can you wait for me to come back to decide?”

Her attitude wasn’t exceptional, but at least, it was considered nice and polite.

It could be seen that she still respected him very much.

Jiang Zongnan was already feeling guilty toward her. The girl politely explained to him, what else could he say? He nodded and agreed. “It’s fine, Nian Nian. Go and answer the call first. There’s no hurry.”


Qiao Nian glanced at him, her eyes clear and bright. After explaining to him, she walked to the side and picked up the call. “Hello.”

“Yes, I was just eating. I just finished eating. I didn’t pick up the call because it was inconvenient… Ah, I have time. Do you think…”

The girl’s slightly hoarse voice faded away.

Ye Wangchuan watched as she walked to the side to answer the call. The gentle expression on his face faded visibly. When he focused again, there was only coldness and toughness left.

“Qiao Nian won’t stay in a hotel.”

His tone was calm but powerful.

Jiang Zongnan looked up and his eyelids twitched. He opened his mouth.

As if he knew what he was going to say, Ye Wangchuan said concisely before he could speak, “I’ve spoken to her personally about this. She has no objections. As for Old Master Jiang… I’ll personally call him when he wakes up.”

In other words, apart from Jiang Weishang, he didn’t care about the opinions of others in the Jiang family!

Beijing was a deep sea.

And half of it was the Ye family’s water, unfathomable.

In the Ye family, Ye Wangchuan was the only one who held the power of the Ninth Branch. He wasn’t someone to be trifled with even at such a young age.

Not to mention a person like Jiang Zongnan who had Old Master Jiang as his backer, whose development in his 40s was stable and not outstanding at all.

Even someone like Shen Jingyan, who was doing well in their generation, had to restrain 70% of his aura when facing the young man in front of him and carefully interact with him.

Perhaps only people like Old Master Ye and Old Master Wei, who were of the older generation, could match up to this person from the Ye family and suppress him.

Even if Jiang Zongnan did not agree with Ye Wangchuan’s straightforwardness, he didn’t dare to retort.

Since he didn’t dare to speak, Tang Wanru couldn’t say anything either.

Ye Wangchuan was indeed angered by Tang Wanru’s words about wanting Qiao Nian to stay in a commercial business hotel. He touched the edge of his cell phone with his fingers and glanced at her with his extremely dark eyes. As if he was nonchalant, he said in a low voice, “Even if she doesn’t put up at my place, she doesn’t lack places to stay. The Ye family has plenty of rooms. If she’s willing to stay there, my family’s Old Master will definitely be waiting for her with a cleaned carpet!”

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