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Chapter 89: A Professor From Qing University Is Coming

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The next day Qiao Nian went back to school.

Shen Qingqing told her about the latest updates immediately.

Chen Xi, the form teacher of Class B, was fired and they were getting a new form teacher.

Chen Yuan scoffed when he heard the news. “She should’ve been fired long ago. She shouldn’t be a teacher.”

Shen Qingqing nodded and agreed. “That’s right. How could a teacher be so biased against a student, especially when the student isn’t from her class? Her teaching abilities are useless if she has a bad character. I’m so happy that she left, it’s great!”

The school finally made the right decision for once.

Liang Bowen saw how happy the two of them were and decided to throw them a wet blanket. He said, “Even though Chen Xi left, Class B will still get a new form teacher. Also, haven’t you heard?”

Shen Qingqing asked, “Heard what?”

Qiao Nian wasn’t interested in their topic. However, she was still shocked that Chen Xi was fired. She had a feeling that Ye Wangchuan was behind it.

However, she didn’t remember talking to him about Chen Xi.

She lowered her bag and took out a book. The next lesson was the physical education class. Everyone was excited about it as it was one of their opportunities to unwind from studying.

Qiao Nian wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to join the class.

“There will be an open lecture by a famous professor from Qing University. I’ve heard that he will be dropping by for a couple of days every month to lecture about higher mathematics. The school will arrange for all the classes in their third year to attend it.”

Everyone in the class was shocked by what he said.

“Qing University? Professor? Coming to our school?”

That was ridiculous!

Qing University was the top university in the country. Even though First High School was famous in Rao City, it was nothing compared to the schools in Beijing. Why was a professor from Qing University coming to their school?

Liang Bowen looked at Qiao Nian and thought that Sister Nian was great at everything. However, her family’s situation was holding her back. He sighed and pouted. He then said, “The students from Class B were saying that the professor is coming for the prettiest girl in our school. Her boyfriend is one of the top performers in the university and has a good relationship with the teachers in the school. The boyfriend had to ask the professor for a favor to come to our school…”

Since the argument between Class A and B, their relationship had deteriorated. Hence, everyone was upset that a professor from Qing University was coming because of Qiao Chen.


No one wanted to continue the topic.

Shen Qingqing frowned as she said, annoyed, “Hmph. Qiao Chen and the students from Class B will be boasting again. The professor must be blind, can’t he see that she’s just a wallflower?”

Haha, she knew how to insult someone already. Liang Bowen poked her head and said, “You’re just jealous of her powerful boyfriend, right?”

Shen Qingqing glared at him as she ducked away. She then exclaimed, “That’s right. It’s because the guys from our class are incapable. They aren’t able to get a professor from Qing University here!”

Qiao Nian’s phone suddenly rang.

It was a message from Jiang Li.

[Nian Nian, your dad is worried about your studies in First High School. He has applied to host an open lecture for three days monthly at your school, and this will go on till you graduate.]


Qiao Nian rubbed her forehead as she succumbed to her fate. She had a strange feeling when she heard that the professor was from Qing University…

[Oh, right. I’ll be returning in a couple of days. Stay at home obediently and I will bring gifts. (kissy face)]

Qiao Nian saw the emoji at the end of the message. She was disgusted by how a grown man would send something like this and deleted the message.

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