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Chapter 873 Serious Warning and Punishment

However, when he saw Qiao Chen, who seemed gentle and obedient but actually kept causing trouble for him and then thinking about the news of Qiao Nian being the country’s top scorer in the college entrance examination this afternoon, he felt extremely depressed.

Back then, he had had to choose between Qiao Chen and Qiao Nian. Why did he feel that his biological niece was better than Qiao Nian?

Shen Jingyan let out a shaky breath. His eyes were filled with regret and frustration, but there was nothing he could do. He said in a low voice, “Other than the things that have been exposed on the Internet, are you hiding anything else from us?”

Qiao Chen quickly raised her head, her face filled with embarrassment. However, she had already been embarrassed by today’s situation, so this embarrassment was not a big deal.

“No, no.”

“Mm.” Shen Jingyan nodded. His expression was as usual. There was no hint of emotion on his face, but his elite eyes were cold and heartless. He continued, “The news I’ve heard is that Qing University will investigate the online fake reviewers. This matter isn’t that huge, but it isn’t small either… If it hadn’t blown up back then, the officials could have explained it as a jealous fight between classmates, and they wouldn’t have to punish


Qiao Chen’s heart clenched and was a mess. Since he said this, it meant that he had something more to say. Initially, she didn’t need to be punished, but now she did.

As expected, she was right.

“But…” Shen Jingyan’s tone changed, and his eyes became even colder as he looked at her like ice dregs. “You’ve caused the matter to become like this, and now you’re asking someone to attack Master Nie. The situation is different. Originally, the Qing University side wanted to expel you… But your aunt and I went to look for Professor Cheng Wu. Professor Cheng Wu came out and helped you say a few words. Now, the punishment from the school is basically out. You need to be punished.”

Qiao Chen suddenly raised her head, her lips trembling like crazy. Her shoulders and back were tensed, and her neck was stiff.


She hadn’t gone to Qing University yet, and she already had a punishment to her name?

How ridiculous!

How was she going to survive in university for the next three years?!

Initially, Shen Jingyan wanted her to make a name for herself in Qing University and conveniently push her into the Beijing social circle. Who would have thought that she would end up like this before she even entered university? He was even more dissatisfied with this outcome, but he had no choice.

He looked at the girl standing there with a gloomy gaze. He took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in his chest. He tried his best to calm down and said, “This is the result of Professor Cheng Wu speaking up for you. If no one helped you, you would just have to wait to be expelled from Qing University!

“Luckily, at that time, the officials did delay Qiao Nian’s admission results. That was why Professor Cheng Wu caught on to this point and said that you just couldn’t stand it that someone could enter Qing University with o points in the college entrance examination. That was why you engaged the fake reviewers on impulse and attacked the school and the honorary professors.

“Even so, the school has decided that it will still be written in your file as a serious punishment.

“It’s fine if you don’t accept this punishment. I’ll send you abroad to study. Choose for yourself.” Shen Jingyan’s words were harsh and his tone very heavy.

Qiao Chen bit her lips tightly, her eyes filled with humiliation.

During this period of time, very few people on the Qing University school forum mentioned Qiao Nian’s first place in the joint examination. They focused on her becoming Mr. Steven’s disciple and winning an award overseas…

Seeing people gradually labeling her as the school belle of Qing University, it would be a lie to say that she wasn’t secretly happy already. In the end, with her reputation ruined this time and Qiao Nian taking first place in the college entrance examination, no one on the forums mentioned that she was the school belle of the new batch of students anymore. Instead, there was a point when they paid attention to Qiao Nian!

Qiao Chen felt indignant that her efforts were in vain.

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