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Chapter 872 Qiao Chen’s Pathetic Fall

Wei Ling said indifferently at the side, “The International Piano Association has already deleted that Weibo post and sent the apology video you recorded. However, there’s still a lot of scolding. If the public continues to curse like this, the application form of the International Piano Association member you filled in previously will only be invalid. I can’t hand it in for you in such an environment of public opinion.”

There was also a piano association in China. As for status, it was definitely not as good as the International Piano Association.

Wei Ling was the president of the piano association in China. She was only an ordinary member of the International Piano Association. However, there was a recommendation spot in the country every year for people who could be recommended to join the piano association.

She used her position to recommend Qiao Chen this year.

Actually, it was a little too early for Qiao Chen to enter the International Piano Association at her age. Fortunately, Qiao Chen had successfully earned her title as Mr. Steven’s disciple and had also received a heavyweight piano award from her teacher. Therefore, even though Qiao Chen was not old enough, it wasn’t appropriate for the people below to say anything when she submitted Qiao Chen’s name.

But now that this matter had been blown up, there were already people in the piano association who were unhappy and raised their opinions.

She was the president, but she, Wei Ling, was not the only one in charge of the piano association. She had to consider the others’ opinions. Otherwise, it would be difficult to convince the public!

Qiao Chen’s face turned pale as she clenched her fists. Her tears hung on her eyelashes as she swayed. She forced herself to stand there and apologize in a low voice. “Aunt, I’m sorry…”

“Alright, don’t give me that. What’s the use of apologizing to me? Even if I forgive you, I can’t change the truth. What you did this time has angered everyone.”

Wei Ling still didn’t know that Zhui Guang’s real identity was Qiao Nian. She said to the girl standing there angrily, “Of all the people you can plagiarize, why did you plagiarize Zhui Guang? Zhui Guang’s account has always had a high traffic rate. She can even go on the hot searches with a sneeze. Aren’t you afraid that she will catch you using her works? What were you thinking?”

“I…” Qiao Chen quickly raised her head and stole a glance at her before pinching her palm. She felt extremely aggrieved. “Previously, Jiang Xianrou wanted to acknowledge Master Nie as her master, and at his birthday banquet, she also…”

Before she could finish speaking, Wei Ling interrupted her coldly. “You said that Jiang Xianrou used the same trick at Master Nie’s birthday banquet?”

Shen Qiongzhi’s eyes lit up. In an instant, she couldn’t catch her breath. She frowned and immediately said, “Since someone has used her works before, why is that Zhui Guang only targeting Chen Chen? Is she crazy?”

“Ha.” Wei Ling couldn’t help but laugh. Her words were mocking her as she gave her a softie. “Is she crazy? You stole someone’s things, and you’re blaming another person for stealing too. Why? When others catch thieves, do you mean they have to follow an order? If you steal after someone else and you’re caught, are you going to reason with them?”

Shen Qiongzhi had never been treated like this before. Ever since Qiao Chen started depending on the Shen family, she had been bullied by Wei Ling a lot. In the future, Qiao Chen still had to rely on Wei Ling to establish herself in Beijing. Even if her fingers were trembling from anger, she could only forcefully swallow this anger and not dare to say anything

In the afternoon, Shen Jingyan heard that Wei Ling had called a group of friends over and wanted to introduce Qiao Chen to them. In the end, during afternoon tea, she was exposed on the spot for Qiao Chen’s plagiarism and lost a lot of face. Now that Wei Ling didn’t give Shen Qiongzhi face, he couldn’t say anything…

After all, she was his biological sister. No matter how embarrassing his relatives were, he could only acknowledge them.

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