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Chapter 866 Sister Nian Brings Her Family to Participate

“I know she transferred to Yingcai High School,” Liang Bowen said slowly. “A relative of mine knows someone from Wu Jie’s family. He said that Wu Jie only scored 520 marks for the college entrance examination and has already planned to repeat her studies next


A surprised expression appeared on Chen Yuan’s face. “520?”

Back then, Wu Jie’s results in Class A were only worse than Qiao Nian’s. She was second in class and had better results than him. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have taken Qing University’s joint examination.

No one expected Wu Jie to only score 520 points in the college entrance examination.

Liang Bowen was clearly very well-informed. There was nothing in the school that he did not know. “Other than Wu Jie, the girl from the next class who plays well with Qiao Chen, Xu Xu, also failed her exams. She previously scored well enough to enter a second-tier university steadily, but now that her results are out, she can’t even go to a specialty class.”

Liang Bowen smacked his lips and sighed. “Don’t you think Qiao Chen has bad luck on her own? Why do I find that whoever plays well with her is unlucky, too? Look at Cai Yan’s group in Class B! Their results soared after they stopped playing with her. They couldn’t enter university in the past, but they’re definitely on the undergraduate track now. Tsk!”

Chen Yuan calmly poured himself a cup of water and lowered his eyes. The expression on his face, which was getting more and more mature, did not change at all. He wasn’t surprised at all. He said calmly, “It’s not that she has bad luck. It’s just that she can’t stand to see others being good. She wants to make things difficult for others at any time. It’s as if she can pull others down and go up herself. People like her will only make the people around her become vicious. If their thoughts are not on their studies, their results will naturally decline. It’s normal to fail the college entrance examination. It’s abnormal if they score well! Didn’t you see it on Weibo? She even bought Internet trolls to criticize Sister Nian.”

At the mention of this, Liang Bowen smiled as well. His facial features were arrogant and handsome, and he did not hide his disdain at all. He said disdainfully, “I did. This matter has blown up. Who doesn’t know about the ugly things she did?”

“With how aggrieved she was in the Weibo apology video, she deserved to be beaten up. She’s really so pretentious!”

Liang Bowen didn’t show any mercy when criticizing Qiao Chen. After criticizing her, he did not forget to sigh. “Zhui Guang scolded her beautifully!”

As the two of them were talking, the door to the private room was pushed open.

A girl in a cap, a black sweater, and straight jeans stood outside, seeming to have just arrived.

A tall man was at her side. He was tall and had long legs. He was also wearing black. He stood beside Qiao Nian like they were in a couple’s outfit.

When the two of them appeared, the private room instantly fell silent.

Shen Qingqing opened her mouth and looked at the girl who had come in from outside the private room. She almost said, “Sister Nian, why didn’t you say you were bringing your family members along?”

Fortunately, when the words were about to leave her mouth, she held them back and secretly stole a glance at Shen Hui and the school leaders.

She couldn’t help but give Qiao Nian a thumbs up.

Sister Nian was awesome. They had just graduated and the form teacher and principal were both around, yet Sister Nian dared to bring her boyfriend out so openly. She thought about her and Liang Bowen. They hadn’t even made things clear yet, but they were already looking at the two of them in envy.

“I’m sorry we’re late.”

Ye Wangchuan had seen many big scenes. This kind of small matter of classmates having a meal together was not something he would care about. He calmly pulled out an empty chair for Qiao Nian and smiled slightly. He then naturally explained to Shen Hui and Principal Yu beside him, “There was a traffic jam.”

Ever since he came in, Principal Yu had stood up nervously and did not even dare to sit down. Hearing this, he didn’t dare to let him explain. He waved his hand politely and said, “It’s okay, it’s okay. We didn’t wait long. Traffic jams are normal at this time. Young Master Ye, don’t stand on ceremony.”

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