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Chapter 865 Apology for Her Disgrace

At that time, she had thought that Jiang Xianrou had used it, too. Many music bloggers had used it online, but Zhui Guang had never cared.

She thought that she would have no problem using it.

She didn’t think deeper, or subconsciously, she was unwilling to think deeper.

Up to this moment, Qiao Chen only felt that her eyes were bright. She had figured out all the things she could not understand.

Why did Nie Mi accept Qiao Nian as his disciple? Why did Qiao Nian know konghou? Why did Qiao Nian’s arrangement a few years ago have a similar style to that of Zhui Guang… There was no other reason.

Because Qiao Nian was Zhui Guang! Zhui Guang was Qiao Nian! That was why the fans on Weibo would use her familiar tone to forward her new post, asking her if she would die if she was not pretentious… She had figured everything out, but it was the outcome she didn’t want to see.

Qiao Nian was like a huge mountain that was pressing her down hard!

The matter of Qiao Chen lying had blown up.

The International Piano Association’s official website reacted quickly. After contacting Qiao Chen, they immediately deleted that Weibo post.

After the post was deleted, there was still a lot of scolding below the old Weibo. They wanted the International Piano Association to give an explanation.

The matter had blown up too much. Even if Steven was a foreign pianist and not someone from China, he couldn’t ignore such matters completely. If he didn’t respond, his reputation in the country would be ruined.

Therefore, after an afternoon of public outrage, the International Piano Association posted a video on Weibo.

In it, Qiao Chen appeared on the screen. She stood out and apologized with a haggard expression. Her eyes were red as she admitted that she had used someone else’s things in the composition of the new song.

She cried quite sadly in the apology video. As for how sincere she was, only she knew.

At night, Class A was having a meal.

Qiao Nian was treating them at the Waterside Loft.

Almost everyone in the class was there, including Shen Hui and Principal Yu.

A group of people cheered in the private room.

When they arrived, they basically talked about results. Class A had done well this time. Thanks to the practice questions Qiao Nian had sorted out for them more than a month before the college entrance examination, the entire class’s average score had increased by 40 points compared to the last mock examination.

The scores didn’t seem like much.

However, this was the class average.

It was already scary enough that a class’s average score could increase by around 10 points. This time, Class A’s average score had increased by 40 points in one go. It was considered a historical achievement in First High School.

Shen Qingqing, Chen Yuan, and the others had done well. Their results were 650, and they would definitely get into a good university. Other than those few especially famous schools, they could choose any school.

Not to mention Chen Yuan’s marks, only a few scored so well in the province.

Seeing that they had arrived at the same time, a relieved smile appeared on Shen Hui’s usually strict and stern face. She called them over to sit.

“Sit down quickly. Is everyone here?”

Chen Yuan glanced at the lively crowd in the private room and pulled out a chair to sit down. He said, “Sister Nian isn’t here yet.”

Shen Hui took a look. Indeed, there were many people in the private room, but Qiao Nian was not there yet.

As Chen Yuan sat down beside him, Liang Bowen supported his chin with his hand and smiled meaningfully. “Did you hear? Wu Jie screwed up.”

“Huh?” When the results for the college entrance examination were out today, Chen Yuan had been answering calls all day. All of them were from the various admissions offices of the various universities. They asked him about filling in his application for the college entrance examination. He didn’t have the time to care about anything else. He hadn’t paid attention to this person since Wu Jie transferred out of class before the college entrance examination. Now that Liang Bowen suddenly mentioned her, he thought for a long time before remembering who it was. “Wu Jie screwed up? How do you know her results? Didn’t she transfer schools?”

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