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Chapter 853 Results Are Out, I Found an Old Acquaintance

He swore especially loudly.

In the living room, Ye Wangchuan was still investigating the person behind the scenes as he made a call.

Qiao Nian was playing on her phone on the sofa.

Gu San was the most bored. Peeling fruits for the three of them, hearing this, he looked at him. “Young Master Jiang, what are you doing?”

Jiang Li couldn’t care less about him. He simply couldn’t control his excitement. His fingers trembled as he held his phone and walked to the girl excitedly. He said in a trembling voice, “Nian Nian, your results are out. Guess how many points you scored?” Seeing how agitated he was, Qiao Nian had already guessed her approximate score. She happened to be in a team battle, and the person she was playing with had been ambushed. She let go of the phone and asked with a slightly hoarse voice, “How many points? 740?” Since Jiang Li was so excited, she guessed above 740.

As for the 740 mark, she was not sure.

She guessed 740? Jiang Li was silent for half a second. Thinking about the results he had found, he felt more at ease. He looked at her with shining eyes as he handed her the phone. “No. You’re more awesome than you guessed. You’re ten points higher.”


Qiao Nian raised her fair hand and took the phone. She silently added the number she had guessed. 740+10=? She scored 750 points? Qiao Nian raised her eyebrows in surprise. She didn’t expect to get full marks for her Chinese essay. She took the phone from him and looked down.

She directly omitted the results of the previous subjects and looked at the total score.

The total score was exactly as Jiang Li had said. 750 points lay quietly in the total score, not missing a single point. It was a sharp contrast to her previous o points.

Jiang Li couldn’t help but sigh. “I know now why your results never came out. It’s not that you scored o, but your results are too heaven-defying!” Afraid that Qiao Nian didn’t know, he explained it to her, “I’ve always heard that there’s a follow-up mechanism for the college entrance examination. That is, if the grading teacher feels that a student’s results are abnormal, he will pull out that student’s papers. A few teachers will mark the papers again to prevent any mistakes. Your results weren’t released on time. It must be the teachers over at the grading table reviewing the papers.”

750 points. Was this the result of a normal person’s college entrance examination?

He bet that the grading teacher had to redo the paper at least three times before he dared to enter the scores!

Otherwise, he would have to be responsible for recording this result!

Who could afford such a serious mistake?

He had to be careful!

Even if there was one point, he would dig it out and deduct it.

But even so, Qiao Nian still scored 750. It was obvious that she didn’t make a single mistake in her paper.

Jiang Li was first shocked, then happy. After being happy, he looked at the girl who was looking at her results calmly.

Sigh, they were fruits from the same tree. He had only scored 570 points in the college entrance examination back then.

570 and 750. The numbers were exactly the opposite.

Jiang Li comforted himself that there was not much difference. He was only lacking one grade. If his sister had scored o in Mathematics, her total score would only be 30 points higher than his…

30 points… Jiang Li imagined the scene of Qiao Nian getting a o in Mathematics and getting dozens of points higher than him. The more he thought about it, the more lonely he felt!

Wasn’t it good to be a normal person?

750 points were too insane.

Just as he was feeling depressed, he saw the man walk back to Qiao Nian after hanging up the call. He lowered his head, and his charming eyes were quite cold. He whispered, “I found out about the person behind the fake reviewers. It’s an acquaintance. I even found something interesting. See?”

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