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Chapter 852 Someone’s Playing Tricks Behind Her Back. Should We Check?

Qiao Nian agreed and said slowly, “I’ll call him back later.”


Old Master Jiang was actually worried that Qiao Nian would be affected by the tempo on the Internet. Since she took the initiative to say that she would call him back, Jiang Li was relieved.

On the other end of the sofa, the man with one leg crossed over the other raised his eyes and looked at the girl playing with her phone with his deep eyes. He whispered, “Someone must be deliberately stirring up trouble on the Internet. Do you want to investigate?”

Qiao Nian looked up and met his eyes. She moved her gaze away first and raised her hand to pull on her hat. Her jaw was exquisite and smooth. She did not reject him.

“Check it.”

She didn’t care about the rumors outside. For example, on First High School’s forum, she felt that it was nothing to be curious about her results. Everyone had their own curiosity, and it was normal to gossip about her results.

She had also seen the rhythm on the Internet. It had indeed started to go astray. Someone was using this opportunity to attack Qing University and Nie Mi, and even wanted to smear her name.

The other party was deliberately attacking the people close to her. This kind of behavior had crossed her bottom line.

It was good to investigate.

Qiao Nian was the top student in the joint examination. Her college entrance examination results did not affect her entering Qing University. Despite that, Jiang Li still cared about her results. The main reason was that he couldn’t stand the Internet’s pace and couldn’t take it lying down. Seeing Qiao Nian talking to Ye Wangchuan, he tacitly prepared to investigate the mastermind behind the scenes.

He placed his hands behind his back and ran to Qiao Nian like an old man. “Nian Nian, since the rhythm on the Internet is fake, do you know how many marks you scored?”

He was quite nervous. His expression was tense, but he was afraid that Qiao Nian would see that he was nervous. Thus, he tried hard to hide his nervousness.

Gu San, who was beside her, was much calmer.

Ever since he returned from the Ninth Branch, he had never asked such a stupid question again.

Qiao Nian said calmly, “I’m waiting for my results.”

She waited for two hours.

The results for the college entrance examination were basically out. First High School had done especially well this year. It was mainly because of Shen Hui’s Class A, whose average results were 80 points higher than before the college entrance examination. Basically, they were all accepted into the undergraduate line.

With Chen Yuan’s results, he was destined to make it into the top ten in the province.

Logically speaking, the school should be preparing to release fireworks to celebrate tonight. However, Qiao Nian’s results were not out, and no one was in the mood.

At 2:30 PM, Qiao Nian’s o score was still on the trending searches.

Ye Wangchuan got someone to investigate the person behind the fake reviewers, but he didn’t remove the trending searches. He deliberately let it be.

Jiang Li had been refreshing Qiao Nian’s results. He would log into the website and enter her admission number every five minutes.

He had entered it more than 20 times, but it was always zero.

Finally, when Jiang Li logged into Qiao Nian’s admission ticket for the 21st time to check her results, her total score changed.

Qiao Nian’s name was written on the column.

Name, Qiao Nian Chinese, 150. Mathematics, 150. English, 150. Science, 300. Total score, 750. Jiang Li looked at the results refreshed on his phone in disbelief. His chin almost fell off. He rubbed his eyes again and did not dare to make a sound. He checked it again.

The refreshed page popped up with the same results. The total score was clearly written750 points.

Full marks!

Jiang Li’s jaw finally snapped shut. His throat was tight as he let out an honest ‘f*ck’.

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