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Chapter 820 The Zhou Family Wants to Negotiate Privately

“That’s right, Old Master Jiang. I watched Zhou Wei grow up. She’s not that kind of person. There must be a misunderstanding in this matter. She was playing around with Miss Qiao just to scare her. It’s impossible for her to really want to do anything,” Zhou Hengfeng said humbly as he quickly agreed with what Jiang Xianrou said.

“Grandpa…” Jiang Xianrou still wanted to say something. Just as her eyes moved, Old Master Jiang glanced at her coldly. She stopped in her tracks and did not dare to continue.

She bit her lip, feeling indignant.

“Old Master Jiang, I know that we were in the wrong this time. Even if Zhou Wei was just joking with Miss Qiao, she shouldn’t have gone this far.”

Jiang Xianrou didn’t dare to continue speaking for Zhou Wei. However, Zhou Hengfeng had no choice but to bite the bullet and finish his sentence. He looked up with an anxious and awkward expression.

“I’ll definitely educate her well when I get back, but now that the police have taken Zhou Wei away, I don’t know what they want. Our families have been on good terms all these years. Xianrou is right. There’s no need for us to make a fuss over such a small matter. Old Master Jiang, what I mean is… can we settle this in private?

“We’re willing to compensate you with all her medical fees and psychological damage. Take this money first. If it’s not enough, I’ll add more until you’re satisfied. It’s fine as long as you’re willing to forgive Zhou Wei and explain to the police that the two of them were just fooling around…”

Jiang Xianrou couldn’t control her temper. She had just been given a cold glance by Old Master Jiang and was about to make a move again when she heard this. She added, “Indeed, this is something that can be done in one sentence. Since she’s fine, there’s really no need to blow things up. If we do, everyone will be embarrassed.”

Jiang Weishang wasn’t upset by what Zhou Hengfeng said, he was almost angered to death by Jiang Xianrou. He went from stunned to disappointed. In the end, he closed his eyes slightly and did not embarrass her in front of Zhou Hengfeng. However, his tone was clearly colder and more distant than before. He didn’t even look at her as he spoke to Zhou Hengfeng. The pressure in his eyes was more than 500 kilograms. Not answering his previous question, he only asked, “Zhou Wei called seven or eight people to joke with Nian Nian with steel pipes. What kind of a joke is that?”

“I…” Zhou Hengfeng’s face instantly flushed red. He was so embarrassed that he wanted to dig a hole and bury himself in it. His heartbeat accelerated as he held the bank card in his hand and almost broke it in the middle. “Old Master Jiang, our two families have always had a good relationship…”

The reason why he still dared to come looking for Jiang Weishang to plead for leniency was that he felt that the Jiang family did not take this child they had found in Rao City seriously. Otherwise, why did they not bring her back after they had acknowledged her and even stayed in Rao City to study?

In his heart, if Zhou Wei had provoked Jiang Xianrou this time, there might be no turning back.

As for Qiao Nian… Before he came, he thought that this matter could be resolved.

No matter what the truth was, in the eyes of outsiders, he, Zhou Hengfeng, had the backing of the Red Alliance and had a certain amount of appeal in the domain of domestic hackers. Many people wanted to rope him in. This time, he thought Old Master Jiang would at least give him some face.

Unexpectedly, before he could finish, Jiang Weishang interrupted him and ordered him to leave. “I can’t help you. No, I won’t help you. Leave these words to the police. See if they believe it was a joke. If the police believe you, that’s good! I’m tired and not in good spirits. I want to rest. Someone, send the guest away.”

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