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Chapter 819: Why Don’t We Let This Go?

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He had already prepared it before he came. He took out the card and said in front of everyone, “There’s five million in this card. Please accept it.”

Old Master Jiang was no longer smiling. He looked at him coldly and had no intention of reaching out to receive it. “Does the Zhou family think we lack this bit of money?”

When he heard this news, it was as if a hot stove had been stuffed into his chest. He couldn’t wait to buy a plane ticket to Rao City.

Seeing that Zhou Hengfeng still dared to give him money, it would be strange if he had a good expression!

“Take the money back. I, Jiang Weishang, am not at the level of selling my granddaughter!”

Hearing this, Zhou Hengfengs heart turned cold. He smiled apologetically and explained in a low voice, “Old Master Jiang, don’t be angry. That’s not what I meant. I know that the Jiang family doesn’t lack this bit of money. This is just a token of our sincerity to compensate Miss Qiao. I hope you can transfer it to Miss Qiao on our behalf. As for apologizing, when Zhou Wei comes out, I’ll definitely bring her to apologize to Miss Qiao. I only hope that you can take into account that She’s young and ignorant…”

“Young and ignorant? How old is Zhou Wei this year?” Old Master Jiang was stubborn. His attitude was extremely firm as he looked at him.

Zhou Hengfeng shrunk and silently stuffed the card into his pocket. He said guiltily, “24…”

“Hmph. She’s 24 years old, and you’re telling me she’s young and ignorant? Do you know how old Nian Nian is?” Old Master Jiang couldn’t suppress his anger. He grabbed the armrest of the wheelchair with one hand and wished he could stand up. He spat on his face. “Nian Nian is only 18 this year!”

“Yes, yes. Old Master Jiang, don’t be angry. I was wrong. n Zhou Hengfeng had never been treated like this before. However, he didn’t dare to flare up now. He could only be careful and reach out to help him.

Jiang Weishang flung his hand away, his shoulders trembling with anger.

Tang Wanru quickly went over to pat his back to calm him down.

Hearing the situation clearly, Jiang Xianrou’s jaw almost dropped from shock. She hadn’t expected Zhou Wei to do such a crazy thing. She had hired the local gangsters to chase after Qiao Nian. According to Zhou Hengfeng, those people were holding steel pipes…

This was an extremely bad nature.

No wonder the police arrested her and said that Zhou Wei was suspected of murder with intention.

Her eyes flickered. Amidst her surprise, a hint of regret surged in her heart. Seeing that Zhou Wei had been captured and that Zhou Hengfeng had come to plead for her, Qiao Nian’s life should not be in danger. Otherwise, Zhou Hengfeng wouldn’t have dared to come looking for her grandfather…

Previously, Zhou Hengfeng had helped her check the IP address of the man who had wooed her. She owed him a favor. Zhou Hengfeng himself was quite capable and had a good relationship with the Red Alliance in the illegal zone.

She only weighed the pros and cons for a short while before immediately looking up and speaking up for the man. She said to Old Master Jiang, who was still angry, “Grandpa, don’t be angry. The doctor said you can’t get agitated. Zhou Wei… did go a little overboard this time, but I know her and have seen her a few times. I don’t think she’s a vicious person. There might be some misunderstanding between her and Qiao Nian that we don’t know about, that’s why she got someone to scare her.”

Zhou Hengfeng looked at her gratefully.

Jiang Xianrou pursed her lips and continued to persuade him gently. “Anyway, nothing happened to Qiao Nian. Uncle Zhou has also come to apologize sincerely. On the account of our families, why don’t you tell Nian Nian to end this matter here…” .

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