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Chapter 815: The Police Are Coming, Zhou Wei Is Finished

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“What are you hiding from us?!” Zhou Wei provoking the Red Alliance was equivalent to shaking the Zhou family’s foundation. No matter how much Old Master Zhou doted on her, he couldn’t help but flare up. He slammed the table hard and asked her to explain. “You have to make things clear with me today. What have you been hiding from your family?”

Before he could finish, a siren suddenly sounded outside.

This was a villa district. This was the first time a police siren was heard. Old Master Zhou’s expression changed as he looked at Zhou Wei in surprise.


Mother Zhou was also shocked. “Why do I hear the sound of a police car? Don’t tell me it’s coming for our house?”

Zhou Wei didn’t expect this, either. She seemed to have thought of something and was so frightened that her face turned pale. She swayed and picked up her phone in a panic. She checked her contact list and found a number.

The police car arrived at the Zhou family’s house in the blink of an eye.

No matter how angry and anxious Old Master Zhou was, he had no choice but to stand up and try to delay them.

Unexpectedly, the police officer didn’t give him face at all. He walked past him and entered the living room of the villa. He asked, “Who is Zhou Wei?”

The Zhou family suspected that the police were here because of Zhou Wei, but they still panicked when it was confirmed.

Father Zhou and Mother Zhou had never had any opinions. They sat there silently.

Zhou Hengfeng was relatively calm. He stood up and walked over to ask, “Hello, I’m her uncle. Did she do something wrong?”

As he spoke, he found a bank card and tried to stuff it into the other party’s hand silently.

Before he could do it, the other party had already taken his hand away. He didn’t give him any face at all. With a cold face, the policeman looked at him with a faint smile and said, “Miss Zhou sure is bold. What she

did was not a small matter. We suspect her of intentional murder!”

“Murder with intention?” Mother Zhou’s eyes rolled back and she almost fainted.

The other Zhou family members were also stunned.

“Bring her away!”

The police didn’t give them time to react and motioned for the people below to catch Zhou Wei.

Throughout the entire process, Zhou Wei struggled intensely and kept shouting. Unfortunately, two fists couldn’t fight four hands. Furthermore, the people who came to arrest her were all elites from the Beijing Police Station. It was useless for her to struggle. In a few seconds, she was pinned to the ground in a sorry state. Her hands were shackled and she was sent out.

The entire process was astonishingly efficient.

The Zhou family was stunned. Old Master Zhou watched helplessly as his granddaughter was taken away by the police. He covered his chest with one hand as his face turned red. He was extremely agitated. “On what basis are you breaking into our house to arrest her? You said she was suspected of intentional murder. Do you have evidence? Who interrogated her? Let me tell you, the Zhou family is not a place for you to be insolent”‘

The policeman looked at him with ridicule and raised his eyebrows. He only replied, “Old Master Zhou, we definitely won’t arrest her without evidence. She knows very well what she has done.”

Old Master Zhou was stunned for a moment. He moved his lips, wanting to ask more.

The other party was concise and to the point. “It’s Young Master Ye who wants her arrested. You can investigate the specifics yourself. In short, Miss Zhou is not innocent this time! The evidence of her crimes is here. According to the law, it’s enough to go to court. As for whether she ends up in jail for ten or twenty years, it depends on the attitude of the girl Miss Zhou offended. If she’s willing to let her go, she can still live. But otherwise… You guys better be mentally prepared.

“I still have to work overtime to interrogate her, I won’t disturb you anymore.” He walked quickly.

There was no chance for the Zhou family to persuade him to stay.

Old Master Zhou came back to his senses and swayed. His vision darkened and he fell straight down…

The Zhou family was finished this time!

Zhou Hengfeng was a top hacker himself. It wasn’t difficult to investigate what Zhou Wei had done.

Especially since Zhou Wei’s phone was still at home.

He only needed to check her phone, and the Zhou family would quickly understand what was going on.

Zhou Wei had spent money to hire a group of hooligans wielding steel pipes to surround a high school girl at the entrance of Rao City’s city hospital in broad daylight.

The transfer record on her phone wasn’t even deleted!

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