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Chapter 804: Sister Nian: Crazy Dogs Barking

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His voice wasn’t soft. Chen Yuan heard the ruckus over through the phone and vaguely realized that something was wrong. He asked anxiously, “Sister Nian, what’s going on? Why do I hear people talking? Did something happen to you? Where are you? I’ll look for you immediately.”

Hearing this, Qiao Nian said slowly, “Ah, I bumped into something. It’s a small matter. You don’t have to come over. I’ll handle it myself.”

“What on earth is it? I heard someone threaten you.”

“Just a few crazy dogs barking.” Qiao Nian glanced casually at the hooligans surrounding her. Her tone was filled with arrogance, making it seem as if she wasn’t to be trifled with.

‘The few gangsters surrounding her previously thought that she was a mute with a screw loose, that was why she didn’t know fear and didn’t bother about them.

In the end, seeing that she was talking to someone on the phone in a normal tone, they instantly felt humiliated and angry.

“Damn it, Brother Hu, this woman is playing with us!” the subordinate whispered angrily.

“Sister Nian, what crazy dog? I don’t hear any barking. I only hear people talking. What’s going on? I’ll be worried if you don’t tell me!”

Qiao Nian watched as a few men holding poles approached her.

She raised her eyes to look at them and lowered her voice. “…I’ll call you back later.”

With that, she hung up the phone calmly.

Looking at the seven or eight gangsters holding steel pipes staring at her angrily, she placed her phone back into her bag, took off her jacket, and threw it aside. She moved her wrist and hooked her fingers at the furious gangsters. Her black eyes were beautiful and attractive, looking wild and bandit-like.

“Are you looking for trouble? Come, do you want to go one by one or together?”

The hooligans looked at her in shock, especially the muscular man in the lead. A hint of anger from being humiliated and played with flashed across his eyes. He waved his cold steel pipe and rushed to the front, shouting, “Damn, she’s too f*cking crazy. Teach her a lesson!”

In the most expensive villa district in Rao City.

Ever since the news of Xue Ziang’s incident had spread, Jiang Li had been holed up in the villa playing games in bed the past few days. His phone was switched off, and he did not pay attention to the outside world at all.

He had just entered the finals of a game.

Hearing movement outside the door, he excused himself to his teammates on the other end of the voice message. Then, he turned around and saw a handsome man in a black trench coat coming in from outside. Gu San followed closely behind.

“Master Wang, you’re back?” He threw his phone aside, and his eyes lit up. He stretched his neck and looked behind Gu San.

He looked for a long time. Other than the Ye family’s chauffeur, he did not see a second person enter.

His handsome face was clearly stunned for a moment. Unable to control his temper, he immediately asked the man who was removing his gloves. “Master Wang, where’s Nian Nian? She didn’t come back with you?”

Gu San pushed his luggage in from behind. Hearing this, he hurriedly explained to him, “Young Master Jiang, Miss Qiao came back with Master Wang. However, after getting off the plane, Miss Qiao said that she wanted to go to the hospital to see Uncle Chen, so we came back first.”

“Oh.” Jiang Li’s eyes darkened. He sat back down in disappointment and nestled back on the sofa. He said in a resentful tone, “I thought Nian Nian would come back with you guys, but you two came back first…”

Gu San didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he comforted him. “Miss Qiao will come back after seeing Uncle Chen.”

Jiang Li glanced at the man who had taken off his jacket and placed it beside his hand. The man was wearing a thick black sweater on the inside, making his waist look strong and powerful. His body lines were very smooth. Even a simple act of taking off his jacket gave off a forbidden feeling.

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