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Chapter 803: You’re Qiao Nian?

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“Okay.” Qiao Nian walked down the stairs. She had one hand in her pocket and the other holding her phone as she walked to the side of the road to get a car.

“Then, you’re back.” On the other end of the line, Chen Yuan’s voice was light. He immediately said, “T’l call my mother and ask her not to go out tonight. I’ll cook chicken for you at home. Sister Nian, are you free tonight?”

“Thave time.”

Qiao Nian remembered that she had promised to eat at his house before going to the Ninth Branch. It was quite natural.

Finished speaking, she held her phone wondering if she should send Gu San a message to say that she wasn’t going back to eat tonight. Then, she saw a suspicious van driving towards her.

The streets in Rao City were filled with traffic lights and surveillance equipment, but the silver-white van did not have a license plate. Something was wrong.

“.. Then, let’s make this clear first. Come over for dinner tonight. I’ll go home after school.”

Chen Yuan was in a good mood. “Other than chicken stew, do you have anything else you want to eat, Sister Nian? Ill bring them back for you when I pass by the market.”

Chen Yuan was still talking about dinner.

…” Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes. They were extremely dark as she watched the van stop in front of her. Then, the door opened.

Seven or eight men holding steel pipes got out of the car. The muscular man leading the way was roguish and had a frivolous gaze. He clearly did not have good intentions. He glanced at her sideways and turned to the person beside him. “Is that her?”

The person beside him took out his phone and compared the girl in front of him with the photo on the phone. He nodded hurriedly.

“Brother Hu, she’s the one in the photo!”

There were many pedestrians at the entrance of the city hospital. Someone would pass by from time to time. Seeing the group of them holding steel pipes around a young lady in broad daylight, they knew gangsters were bullying people.

Many people watched from afar and pointed fingers. However, when they saw a group of people holding steel pipes, no one dared to go forward to stop them.

“Are these people… gangsters?”

“That girl looks young. How did she provoke these people? Sigh, hurry up and call the police. Don’t let anything happen.”

Someone ran to the side to make a call to the police.

“You’re Qiao Nian?” The man called Brother Hu raised his chin slightly, his eyes fierce as he raised the bowl-sized pole in his hand.

Qiao Nian was surrounded by a few people. However, no fear could be seen in her exquisite and beautiful face. Hearing this, she raised her hand coldly and pulled the brim of her hat. She ignored him.

“Lasked if your name is Qiao Nian?!”

No one bothered with him.

The muscular man frowned. He was a little angry. However, seeing that she wasn’t afraid despite not saying anything, he spat on the ground and cursed angrily. “Damn it, how unlucky. She’s a mute!”

The subordinate beside him laughed and whistled. He said frivolously, “Brother Hu, this woman isn’t just a mute. Is she a fool? Look, she doesn’t react when she sees us. She doesn’t even know to be afraid.”

The muscular man looked up and swept his gaze across the increasing number of onlookers. He turned back and glared at him, telling him to keep quiet. He said to Qiao Nian, “Little mute girl, someone paid us to teach you a lesson. I didn’t want to hit a woman initially, but it’s a pity that I already accepted

the money. It’s only right and proper that I finish the job! Don’t hate me. Think about who you’ve offended. In the future, keep your eyes wide open as you walk around. Don’t offend people again!”

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