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Chapter 79: Sister Nian Is Annoyed With The Flirting

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Uncle Chen’s life was no longer in danger, but his current condition wasn’t too optimistic yet. She still needed something. Once she got hold of it, she would be able to set his bone right and he would then stand like a normal person again.

But the thing she needed was rare and hard to obtain.

She probably needed the Red Alliance’s help.

Qiao Nian was completely drained, and even raising an arm was too much to ask of her. But she was still busy thinking about finding the item.

All of a sudden, she felt her feet leave the ground. She was picked up horizontally.


The distinct masculine scent hit Qiao Nian, and her instinct was to avoid it. She struggled to be let down.

“What are you doing, put me down.”

She thought that she still had the condition of the past, such that she would break out in rashes on her neck and elbows whenever someone of the opposite gender came into direct contact with her.

But when she looked down at her arms, she realized that they were still fair and clear. There was no trace of a single rash.

None at all?

How did this happen?

Qiao Nian stopped struggling for a moment as she tried to figure it out with her already exhausted mind.

That wasn’t possible. In the past, she would have rashes whenever a guy touched her or even come too close. It happened even with Wei Lou.

But there were exceptions.

Qiao Nian recalled Jiang Li and the Jiang family.

She hadn’t broken out in rashes when they touched her, but that was likely because they were related to her by blood.

What about him?


This condition had bothered Qiao Nian for many years and was one she could not treat herself of. She had gone to several dermatologists, but they said that this was not a skin problem per se. Rather, her rashes were a manifestation of her psychological aversion to males.

That was why she had to take medication to control her emotions.

Ye Wangchuan… was the only adult male unrelated to her by blood who did not trigger her allergic reaction upon touching her.

This had happened when they were by the bridge the previous time, but she thought it was just a fluke. But if that was the case, how did she explain this instance?

Qiao Nian took a deep breath and her eyes went dark.

But it was just a few seconds of emotional shift on her part and Ye Wangchuan did not notice it. He simply held her waist tightly and closer to his body.

He smiled and said in the same low, soothing, and captivating voice, “Don’t move about. I’ll carry you to Qichen’s room so you can take a nap.”

Qiao Nian was speechless.

“His bedroom is big and the bed isn’t too bad. His grandfather had it customized for him in Beijing. Have a rest.”

Gu San blushed as he followed behind them. He dared not even let out a fart.

Master Wang, you do know that Little Young Master’s bed is his most precious territory. Elder Ye had it specially customized for him, and he never allowed anyone on it. 

Little Young Master did like Miss Qiao, but what if he wasn’t willing to let her have the bed…


He dared not even imagine the scenario. He felt that if it happened, Little Young Master might just be kicked out of the room by Master Wang.

Qiao Nian was simply too tired to fight him. She held onto his shirt and remained stiff, but quietly agreed.

Her ears were burning up.

And her heart was a little messy.

It was only two stories between Level 6 and Level 8, so Ye Wangchuan took the stairs. They attracted many glances as he walked around with Qiao Nian in his arms.

The man’s facial features were outstanding, and his tailored pants were wrapped around his two long legs, emphasizing his impressive physique.

The girl in his arms wasn’t too bad herself. Just from the side profile, one could tell that she wasn’t too fanciful, but she was definitely not a Plain Jane.

A handsome man and a beautiful woman would always be attractive, no matter the time and place.

A few girls blushed as Ye Wangchuan passed by them. They whispered, “Wah, it’s so romantic. This feels like a scene from a drama.”

And the man was so handsome.

Did they just bump into actors shooting a film around here?

Gu San heard it as well and turned to look at the people before him.

Tsk! Master Wang and Miss Qiao do seem pretty compatible! 

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