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Chapter 78: Master Wang’s Indescribable Sense of Pride

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The Head Neurologist took off his surgical mask. His shirt under the surgical gown was completely soaked, but it wasn’t just that he was tired. He was simply too excited and agitated to be able to witness the state-of-the-art skills as a doctor.

He couldn’t stop smiling. “Success, the surgery is a huge success! I believe that even the greatest specialist from Beijing wouldn’t have been able to pull it off so well.”

Gu San was confused.


A success?

Miss Qiao had successfully operated on Uncle Chen, and even won the praises of the Head Neurologist, saying that even a specialist from Beijing might not have been capable of this?

This was… incredible?!

“What exactly is Miss Qiao’s past? Since when did she have a medical background?” Gu San turned around to look at him and asked, “Master Wang, did you actually know about this?”

Ye Wangchuan smiled as he lowered his gaze to hide his dark and deep eyes. He did not seem surprised.

“I don’t know.”

Gu San was speechless.

He didn’t know? But he was so confident in Miss Qiao just now, asserting that she surely could do it!

“That’s not possible. Miss Qiao must have told you beforehand.”


Ye Wangchuan’s eyes were deep and distant, and he sounded like he knew Qiao Nian very well. “She cares about Uncle Chen’s condition way more than you do. If you aren’t willing to take it lightly, she definitely wouldn’t be making this decision without full confidence in herself. If she says she can, that surely means that she’s over 80% sure of the success. Otherwise, she would rather have waited for help to come.”

Even so, he hadn’t expected Qiao Nian to be this good!

So much so that an expert couldn’t stop praising her.

Ye Wangchuan had no idea why, but he felt pride rise inside him. It felt better than being complimented himself.

The Head Neurologist said, “The patient is out of the woods now, he doesn’t even have to be warded in the ICU. He will be transferred to a high dependency ward, and, if his condition stabilizes in the next few days, he can move into a normal ward then.”

Chen Yuan and Aunt Chen were delighted and heaved a sigh of relief. They couldn’t stop thanking the doctor. “Thank you, Doctor. Thank you, everyone!”

Then, they followed the nurses to the high dependency ward.

Neurologist Liu Yuanyuan and the rest came out from the operating theater as well.

Their expressions resembled Gu San’s. The difference, however, was that they witnessed the surgery procedure by Qiao Nian with their own eyes, so they appeared more awed and also shocked.

Liu Yuanyuan had the strangest expression amongst them. Even though nobody noticed her now, nor did they remember what she’d said previously, her face was warm and red. It was as if she was stepping on nails—she simply could not bear to stand around here any longer. She hurriedly said to her colleague, “I’m not feeling well, I’ll go back first.”

“Sure, drink more warm water.”

She was a renowned belle among the doctors in this city, and male doctors were usually all over her. But Liu Yuanyuan wasn’t in the mood to be proud now. She quietly took her leave and avoided everyone.

“Master Wang, Miss Qiao is out,” Gu San said quietly.

Ye Wangchuan locked his gaze on the last girl to exit from the operating theater.

Qiao Nian took her surgical gown off and tossed it into the bin. She was exhausted and could barely lift her arms.

Then, she felt a shadow loom over her.

Who was that?

Qiao Nian was beat, and she wasn’t in a good mood. She furrowed her brows impatiently.

“Uncle Chen’s surgery was extremely successful. Aunt Chen and the rest have headed there.”

Qiao Nian looked up and saw Ye Wangchuan. She was immune to his looks, having seen his face every day.

She looked up tiredly and said weakly, “Mm. I know.”


She was the one who saved him. She knew better than anyone else how successful the surgery was.

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