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Chapter 775: Master Wang: You’re a Student, You Don’t Have Money

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“Then, let’s go to the Imperial Mansion.”

Qiao Nian hummed in agreement and lowered her eyes. She was still thinking about the WeChat message she had just seen. Shen Qingging wanted to ask her if she had heard about something

She walked calmly to her residence, thinking about something, She didn’t look up as the man continued talking to her.

suddenly, a hand blocked her from hitting the wall.

Qiao Nian looked up impatiently and met the man’s handsome face. His deep eyes seemed to be pressing down on her, making her feel like she was being sucked in.

“Nian Nian, shouldn’t you explain to me how you solved the Lizard Tail virus so easily?”

Qiao Nian cursed inside. She knew that he would ask.

However, she felt uncomfortable and at a loss as she was slammed against the wall. She raised her hand and pushed it. The coldness around her couldn’t be concealed, but her beautiful black eyes did not look at him. “… Move aside first.”

Ye Wangchuan looked as the girl’s head turned, revealing a fair and slender neck under the scarf. It was beautiful and eye-catching.

How obedient!

Although she thought that, she remained expressionless and said casually, “It’s exactly what you guessed.”

Ye Wangchuan couldn’t help but laugh again. The corners of his mouth curled up as a devilish expression flashed across his face. “Oh, what did I guess?”

“..” He was clearly teasing her.

Qiao Nian raised her eyes angrily. Her dark eyes were clear and bright as she placed her hands in her pocket and pulled up her hoodie. She decided not to look at him. “You know what.”

Seeing that he was about to anger her, Ye Wangchuan restrained the frivolousness in his eyes. Rubbing the girl’s head again, he frowned and said, “Don’t forget to come to the Imperial Mansion tomorrow night.”

At the mention of serious matters, Qiao Nian felt more at ease. Her back relaxed and she said lazily, “I know.”

Speaking of this, she thought of something.

“By the way…” Qiao Nian looked up with a serious expression. “Should I buy a gift for your grandfather?”

It was like seeing an elder with a gift.

No one had taught her this before, so she didn’t know very well.

“Heh.” Ye Wangchuan lowered his head and happened to see the confusion in her eyes. His heart felt like it was being pulled by a thread. It was filled with meticulous heartache. He smiled and said in high spirits, “There’s no need. You’re still a student. You don’t have money. Let him buy you a gift.”

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