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Chapter 766: Either the Reception Is Bad or She Doesn’t Want to Pick Up

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Qiao Nian looked at the continuous caller ID on her phone and hung up ruthlessly.

Qin Si wasn’t the type to give up easily. He called again immediately after not getting through.

Qiao Nian hung up ruthlessly again.

After the call disconnected.

Qin Si sent a WeChat message.

[Sister Qiao, is the signal on your side bad? You just left the airport?]

Qiao Nian bent her legs and stood there awkwardly. She lowered her eyelashes and looked at his message. Before she could reply, she heard Chen Zhu’s dry voice.

She raised her eyes and saw the face of the woman who had tampered with the USB on the projector Liao Xu was operating.

She raised her eyebrows in frustration.

She did not seem surprised, and she was also nonchalant.

She glanced at it and lowered her head again. Her gaze fell on the phone screen as her fair fingers typed on the keyboard.

[QN: No, it’s not convenient to answer.]

Qin Si replied quickly. Sure enough, a message came the next second.

A series of question marks seemed to be saying, “Why did you hang up on me if your signal was good?”

Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes and replied.

[QN: I’m busy.)

[Christmas is coming. Do you want to celebrate with your brothers in Beijing? If you come, I’ll call Zhang Yang and the others over. Let’s play together and have fun.)


For some reason, when Qiao Nian heard this, she was in a daze for a moment. She recalled that someone had asked her out in advance about treating her to a meal that day.

When she returned to her senses, she rejected Qin Si’s invitation cleanly.

[QN: No, I have an appointment.]

She had just replied to Qin Si’s message when Ye Lan sent another message. Like Qin Si, it was a message asking her out for a meal.

[Nian Nian, I heard from my little brat that you’re in Beijing. It’s about time. Do you have time to eat together?]

Her reply to Qin Si was quite casual, but she was much more polite with Ye Lan as she rejected her invitation.

Ye Lan did not say anything else and only told her to busy herself. She regretfully said that she would arrange to meet her next time.

Other than Ye Lan, Shen Qingqing had also sent her a message. Qiao Nian opened it and thought that it was something related to her class.

In the end, it was related to Qiao Chen.

When Shen Qingqing said that she had been on leave for more than half a month, Qiao Chen was overjoyed. She seemed to have been accepted as a disciple by an internationally famous pianist. For a time, she was in the limelight.

Qiao Nian wasn’t interested in this. She glanced at it and put away her phone. Then, she said to the man who was still typing, “Take your time. I’ll perform acupuncture on Master Cheng.”

When Ye Wangchuan saw that she was about to leave, he called out to her gently, “Wait.”

Qiao Nian was quite impatient to participate in this kind of thing, but she stopped in her tracks and frowned as she watched him walk back to his seat in the conference room.

He took a bag from there.

Ye Wangchuan took out a red scarf from the bag and walked to her. He lowered his head slightly and wrapped the scarf around the girl naturally. He then took a step back and said with a smile, “It’s cold outside. Don’t catch a cold.”

Several pairs of eyes landed on her. Qiao Nian didn’t say anything. She pulled the scarf around her neck and pursed her lips. Her voice was a little cold. “I’m leaving.”

“Go. I’ll look for you later.” Ye Wangchuan smiled, but his expression was too provocative.

After Qiao Nian left.

He then turned around lazily and narrowed his eyes. He exuded a noble aura from head to toe and was no different from a wealthy gentleman. He casually turned the prayer beads on his wrist, but the end of his eyes was filled with a touch of red that made one’s heart skip a beat.

“Go. Call Zhou Wei over.”

His words were heavy.

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