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Chapter 765: Zhou Wei Was Being Investigated

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Zhou Wei was from a top hacker family. She had the talent in this area and was very cautious in doing things.

The technical department’s inspection and surveillance cameras weren’t able to find anything useful for the investigation.

Liao Xu only discovered that the surveillance cameras had been hacked after looking through them a second time. His abilities were decent, and after discovering this vulnerability, he immediately tried to recover the surveillance cameras’ data.

However, Zhou Wei was very careful in doing things. Liao Xu looked through the footage of several surveillance cameras but still found no evidence.

It was only when he checked the surveillance footage for the side door of the technical department that he found a piece of evidence.

The picture was taken very clearly.

At 9:10 PM last night, a woman who should have been up appeared outside the technical department. She opened the door with her pass. After sneaking in, she found the USB flash drive that Luo Qing had stored in the drawer and connected it to the computer.

That person was probably afraid of being found out as all the lights were turned off.

However, the white light from the screen illuminated her face clearly.

There was a picture of her side profile.

Everyone recognized the person’s face who sneaked into the technical department and stole Luo Qing’s USB flash drive. It was Zhou Wei!

“Team Leader Zhou?” Chen Zhu was relatively more naive than Luo Qing. He didn’t think about this matter as deeply as him. Chen Zhu didn’t doubt Zhou Wei at all. When he saw that the thief was Zhou Wei, he was dumbfounded. “How could it be her?”

“Why did Team Leader Zhou implant a trojan horse virus in the USB flash drive? Did she not know that a group of overseas experts was coming to visit the Ninth Branch today? Team Leader Luo wanted to show everyone the unmanned operating system. If the system is not available when it is displayed, then…”

The entire Ninth Branch would have been embarrassed!

That wasn’t all. All the domestic experts would also be embarrassed!

After all, the Ninth Branch was representing all the top domestic researchers in presenting their findings to all the foreign experts.

What was Zhou Wei doing?

Chen Zhu stopped speaking halfway. However, everyone present knew what he wanted to say.

This was because what he was about to say was also what everyone was thinking about.

Many people in the technical department could guess why Zhou Wei did this. When Qiao Nian came, she was challenged everywhere. She wasn’t able to get over it and wanted to get revenge.

It was understandable. Everyone could understand why she did it. After all, Zhou Wei had always been considered a gifted person. Her life had always been smooth and she had a high position in the Ninth Branch.

Qiao Nian had caused her to be criticized twice, and she was even forced to apologize to Qiao Nian. It was normal for her to want to do something to get back at her.

However, there was something everyone at the Ninth Branch could not forgive. Although she was embarrassed, how could she ignore the honor of the entire Ninth Branch and the efforts of domestic experts like Master Cheng? No one was able to forgive her for doing something that harmed the reputation of everyone else around her.

In contrast, an outsider like Qiao Nian stood up and replaced Luo Qing to solve the crisis and save the Ninth Branch from shame.

The difference between the two was as clear as day.

All the people from the second group who had once suspected Qiao Nian’s abilities were all silent now. They all had gloomy expressions and looked uncomfortable.

They wanted to apologize, but they didn’t know how to do it.

Liao Xu replayed the surveillance footage. What Zhou Wei did was like a slap to their faces.

They regretted how much they cared for her.

Qiao Nian was replying to Qin Si’s message.

Qin Si asked her if she was in Rao City. She was just about to say that she was in Beijing.

Just as she was about to send him a message, Qin Si called her.

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