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Chapter 751: Probably Fooling Around Somewhere Again

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Shen Qiongzhi stood beside her and watched her drink milk. She was silent for a while before suddenly mentioning, “Oh, right, Chen Chen. When you saw Qiao Nian today…”

She also knew that Qiao Chen had sent an invitation to Qiao Nian. She had been busy greeting guests the entire day and did not have the energy to notice who had come today or not.

Now that she suddenly remembered, she asked Qiao Chen.

Before she could finish speaking, Qiao Chen slowly put down the mug in her hand. Her gentle eyes looked quite cold. Before she could finish, she said, “She didn’t come.”

“She didn’t come? She…” Shen Qiongzhi subconsciously frowned, not hiding her disgust.

Qiao Chen placed the cup on the coffee table. Her eyes were gentle as she said casually, “I asked her classmate. They said that she applied for a long leave for the school.”

“It’s almost time for the college entrance examination, but she’s still taking leave.”

After Shen Qiongzhi finished speaking, she realized that Qiao Nian didn’t need to take the college entrance examination, unlike Qiao Chen. She could still enter a famous school, and her results were even higher than Qiao Chen’s.

The stifled feeling she had during dinner today surfaced again. She was feeling extremely uncomfortable, but she still had to force herself to look like she didn’t care about this matter as much as Qiao Chen.

“She’s probably fooling around somewhere again!”

Shen Qiongzhi was angry, and her tone was naturally unfriendly. “Isn’t she that kind of person? She can’t stop for a day. If she doesn’t fool around outside, she can’t possibly know Yuan Yongqin and the others.”

Talking about Cheng Feng Corporation and Yuan Yongqin was like a fishbone stabbing into her heart. It made her feel terrible every time she thought of it.

Naturally, she didn’t have a good impression of Qiao Nian. She said coldly, “Just let her be. I want to see how she’ll fare. The Jiang family has never admitted to having a person like her. When we get to Beijing, you’ll have the support of your uncle and the others. If she doesn’t have a backer, that’ll be all. Beijing is filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons. There are many talented people. When we get to Beijing, she’ll know that Yuan Yongqin is nothing there! She can only dream if she still wants to rely on her relationship with Yuan Yongqin to be able to do whatever she wants in Beijing like in Rao City!”

Qiao Chen didn’t reply, but the corners of her mouth curled up.

Saying nothing was equivalent to admitting it.

Shen Qiongzhi was filled with anger at the mention of Qiao Nian. She simply couldn’t be bothered to think about it and spoke to Qiao Chen, who had her eyes lowered. “By the way, Chen Chen, you should be preparing for that reggae music you mentioned just now. If you can prepare in advance, you must do so in case you suffer.”

“I know, Mom, don’t worry.” Qiao Chen hadn’t clung to her arm for a long time. This time, she rarely held her arm. She smiled gently and said shyly, “Brother Fu helped me find a music teacher. He’s also a top student from the music department at Qing University. He was hired by the Wen family. I’ll discuss it with the teacher and see what he says.”

Shen Qiongzhi felt completely relieved when she heard this. She patted her arm and smiled slightly. “It’s good that you’re confident. I trust you.”


Qiao Chen restrained the arrogance in her eyes and lowered her eyelashes.

As long as she couldn’t chase after the limelight, she was confident that she wouldn’t lose to anyone. She was definitely going to be in the limelight at this event!

As for going to Beijing in the future, she wasn’t afraid of Qiao Nian.

Qiao Nian was going to the worst Chinese Medicine faculty at Qing University. She was going to major in the Music Department, followed by the Finance Department. Double majors in university were popular majors. It wasn’t certain who would be more outstanding!

In Beijing, Ninth Branch.

Qiao Nian had no idea that she would be remembered despite not being in Rao City.

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