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Chapter 725: Master Cheng: You Even Know About This?

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“Either way is okay.”

Whether the patient was standing or sitting had little impact on their pulse.

Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes slightly. She tilted her head and said, “This will take some time. If you are too tired to stand, you can also sit down.”

“Is that so? Then, I will sit down.”

Without much delay, Master Cheng found a place to sit down. He stretched out his left hand, put it on the table, and rolled up his sleeves.

“Miss Qiao, come here.”


Qiao Nian walked over and sat opposite him. She stretched out two beautiful white fingers and placed them on his wrist. She then lowered her eyelashes and quietly measured his pulse.

Outside the laboratory, everyone was very quiet. Their breathing became tense. No one said that they couldn’t speak during the checking of his pulse. However, no one made a noise.

Gu San was very nervous. After a few minutes, seeing that the girl did not speak, his expression became tenser. He couldn’t help himself and asked, “Miss Qiao, how is Master Cheng’s situation?”

The corners of Zhou Wei’s mouth curled downwards. There was a look of disapproval on her face.

Bo Jingxing and the others from the Ninth Branch were very nervous. They subconsciously looked at the girl who had her eyes closed. She didn’t seem like she was attending to Master Cheng at all.

While they did not fully believe in Qiao Nian’s abilities, they were still hoping that she could cure Master Cheng’s illness.

Qiao Nian changed her posture and used her fingers on her other hand to check his pulse. She waited for another minute before raising her head. Her eyes were black as she looked at the old man and asked, “Have you been suffering from headaches, nausea, and have been vomiting recently?”

“Oh, is that all you found out after so long? A person suffering from migraines would experience similar symptoms.” Zhou Wei was merciless.

Qiao Nian ignored her and continued to check on Master Cheng, who had not recovered from his shock yet. She said, “Your headache is mainly concentrated around the forehead, bifrontal, parietal, occipital, and neck. The nature of the headache is often dull and painful, with a sense of compression and tightness, right?”

A look of surprise appeared on Master Cheng’s face. He looked at her wide-eyed. “How did you know this?”

He had also consulted Liang Lu. However, Liang Lu was a Western Medicine practitioner. She didn’t take his pulse. She listened to him describe the symptoms of his illness first.

After listening to his description, she asked the nurse to conduct some tests on him. After his brain scan came back, she rambled off some technical terms and gave him a prescription. That was all.

Although Liang Lu used a bunch of technical terms, she wasn’t as specific as Qiao Nian.

The ends of Qiao Nian’s eyes raised a little and she smiled. She said, “I know this from taking your pulse.

“Your pulse feels weak and irregular, with frequent changes in pace. Your liver and gallbladder are blocked. Your spleen and stomach are weak. In traditional Chinese Medicine, this kind of pulse pattern is mainly caused by too much moisture and lack of blood and qi in the body. This would be caused by poor rest all year round.”

Master Cheng felt dizzy. He didn’t really understand.

With that, Qiao Nian answered his question. She never thought about popularizing Chinese Medicine such that ordinary people would understand the distinction between pulse signs and traditional Chinese Medicine. She raised her eyebrows and said, “Every time you experience nausea and dizziness, were you working in an environment with a strong light around you?”

Bo Jingxing saw that Master Cheng’s expression became surprised again. Even more stunned, he said, “How do you know all this? Did you also see this from my pulse?”

Qiao Nian retracted her hand and smiled again. Her smile was so casual and eye-catching that the people around her couldn’t take their eyes off her.

Her voice was slow and a little hoarse as she spoke.

“No, it has nothing to do with your pulse this time. I suspect that you are suffering from a headache caused by muscle contractions.. The symptoms of this migraine are aggravated by the stimulation from light and sound.”

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