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Chapter 719: Regret, Very Much Regret

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Zhou Wei’s face was ashen for a moment, but so many people from the Ninth Branch had been present when she said it. Nobody had forced her to it.

She took a deep breath. Although she was annoyed that Luo Qing didn’t give her face, she could push through and say with a cold face: “I know, I will apologize, you don’t need to remind me!”

The rest of them were more focused on the system that was running on the USB drive.

“This… is this the completed automated operating system?”

“Miss Qiao really did the source code fix in one day?”

“Damn, this is brilliant!”

Someone accidentally said, “Leader Zhou and the others haven’t solved this problem for three months, and she solved it in just one day, doesn’t it mean…”

“Watch yourself.” The people around him responded quickly, pulling him and telling him to stop talking.

But Zhou Wei heard it clearly.

He wanted to say, “Doesn’t it mean that Qiao Nian is better than her?”

Zhou Wei was so angry that all the blood in her body seemed to be flowing in the opposite direction. Her face was hot and painful.

But there was one more person whose face hurt more than hers. It was Wang Jian!

He was also one of the IT members of theirs.

Originally, Bo Jingxing got him to accompany Qiao Nian to visit the Ninth Branch while she was here and to serve as a tour guide for Qiao Nian. But he thought that Qiao Nian looked like a young and delicate girl, so he refused without thinking.

When Chen Zhu stood up to replace him, he felt that he had gotten lucky as he thought that he would no longer have to be dragged to accompany ‘the princess’. But now, he realized that Qiao Nian was not an ignorant high school student at all. She was a big boss!

“Seriously, Chen Zhu is really lucky!”

But someone was still mentioning Chen Zhu at this time, with an envious tone of voice. “I should have raised my hand when Young Master Bo asked. If I can follow Miss Qiao for a few days, I might learn a little more and benefit a lot from her.”

“Hehe, I was telling you this just now, and I said that you will regret it later. You were still stubborn with me, thinking you wouldn’t regret it.” Luo Qing watched the fun.

Several people from the Ninth Branch really regretted it at this moment!

Someone whispered, “How was I to know that Miss Qiao was so powerful at that time? I saw that she was a high school student, and she was so young, I thought…”

“You thought she wasn’t capable?” Luo Qing looked at him. “When was ability ever related to age?”

All the Ninth Branch members went silent.

Who would have known? They regretted it now, they really did!

Luo Qing was just like them at the beginning, but now, he was acting like he knew it all since the start. He then added slowly, “Oh right, I forgot to tell you guys. You know about the Qing University joint examinations?”

Everyone who entered the Ninth Branch was a talent with a good background, just like Zhou Wei who came from a top school.

“I know.” Someone asked him in response, “Leader Luo, what’s with the Qing University examinations?”

Why did he suddenly bring it up?

Only Zhou Wei knew why he mentioned the Qing University joint entrance examinations, and her eyes became more hazy.

As expected.

Luo Qing smiled and said, “Miss Qiao is the top scorer in the Qing University entrance examination this year.”

“Do you know how many points she scored?”

As soon as he mentioned that she was the top scorer, several people in the Ninth Branch regretted further. At this moment, they didn’t even want to say a word. They shook their heads weakly, waiting for the storm to come more violently.

Luo Qing brought a tornado directly to them!

“Full marks, 650 points!”

Wang Jian practically choked!


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