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Chapter 717: A System Superior to the Iris Recognition Technology

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Zhou Wei furrowed her brows, still not believing it.

Luo Qing was typing away on the keyboard and showing it to her. “Look, the iris recognition technology actually has a source code that can be uninstalled. Hers doesn’t have one. The system Miss Qiao installed into the USB doesn’t have that feature. The only way to get through without verification is to destroy the entire USB. In other words, there’s no way to get to the information in the USB…”

This implied that Qiao Nian’s system was better than hers!

Zhou Wei could no longer hold her expression. She bit her lip with a gloomy face and said proudly, “You said hers isn’t the iris recognition technology, so what is it? I have never heard of a more sophisticated verification system than iris recognition!”

Luo Qing didn’t want to leave her without an out, but when it came to this position, he still reminded her seriously, “Actually, there is one… Leader Zhou, have you forgotten?”

Zhou Wei’s iris recognition was indeed the greatest research achievement in the public verification system.

But, in fact, there was a system in their industry that was stronger than Zhou Wei’s!

Zhou Wei didn’t think of it at that moment. Stunned, she turned to look at him. “What did you say? What system is more powerful than iris recognition?”

So many of the Ninth Branch members were here.

Luo Qing didn’t want to say it initially. He hesitated for half a second and then spit out a name. “You forgot, Sun from the Red Alliance demonstrated a verification system three years ago, similar to the iris recognition technology, but even more complex. The iris recognition only identifies the human eye.

“In addition to recognizing human eyeballs, the one from Sun also involves skulls and sound waves and even added heart rate recognition… When this verification system appeared, the IT world was shocked. Many people privately called it the strongest anti-theft system!”

Zhou Wei was also someone who did computing, how could she have never heard of this system that the Red Alliance released three years ago…

She remembered that when she came up with the iris recognition technology all those years back, she had also been inspired by this strongest technology from Sun.

But she had limited ability.

There had always been a huge flaw in iris recognition, which was the problem that Luo Qing just mentioned—the iris recognition system could actually be cracked!

As long as the vulnerability of the source code was cracked, the iris recognition system could be unlocked.

Of course, this could only be done by top hackers!

Ordinary people couldn’t achieve it.

But her third uncle said that Sun’s system did not have this problem, and hence, Sun’s system was superior.

Either one passed the verification, or everything would be destroyed!

There was no other way that one could unlock the system without passing verification.

The same was true for the system Qiao Nian set up on this USB. She just tried it and couldn’t solve it!

She used the source code vulnerability of the iris recognition system she developed to deprogram twice in a row, but it didn’t work.

Zhou Wei’s expression was unpredictable, and her heart was already tense. She was still reluctant to believe the possibility that Luo Qing proposed.

“You mean hers is the verification technology that Sun from the Red Alliance showed once? How is it possible…”

“I thought it was impossible at first.”

Luo Qing shook his head, looking confused. He tried again, but the result was the same. He let out a sigh of relief. He leaned back and said to Zhou Wei with an incredible but convinced expression, “This is really not an iris recognition system. I’ve looked at it.. It’s not as complicated as the system that Sun created, but the principle is similar, and it doesn’t have any source code loopholes.”

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