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Chapter 716: It Seemed as Though It Was Really Not an Iris Recognition System

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Luo Qing looked at the verification screen that appeared on the screen. It began to scan his face. He was stunned for a moment but did not react. It seemed as though he was dazzled.


Was iris recognition not Zhou Wei’s proudest research achievement?

This technology was only available to a few people. How could the USB flash drive that Miss Qiao gave him contain the iris recognition software?

“Could this be a mistake?” He wasn’t sure, but this looked very similar to Zhou Wei’s iris recognition software.

Zhou Wei’s expression became ugly after she saw the screen. She reached out for Luo Qing’s laptop across several people and said, “Let me take a look.”

What iris recognition? She couldn’t believe it!

How could ordinary people have gotten their hands on the iris recognition technology?

Luo Qing didn’t react as she took the laptop from him. He was also stunned and was trying to figure out the situation.

He watched Zhou Wei grab the laptop and put it on her lap. She tapped the keyboard quickly.

The laptop beeped.

Many lines of code started to appear continuously on the screen.

Everyone in the Ninth Branch knew what she was trying to do.

She was trying to break through the verification system.

Not only did she fail to close the iris recognition, because of the code she ran, but warning letters also started to pop out on the screen.

The operation had failed!

Zhou Wei’s face became darker and darker, and she pursed the corners of her mouth tightly. Not believing that she had failed, she tried once again to unlock the verification system.

This time she paid special attention to whether there was an error in the code she entered.

When she entered the last line of code, she checked it again and clicked the button.

She was done!

Various characters started flashing quickly on the screen. Everyone held their breath. They thought that she had succeeded this time.

“Beep beep!” However, the laptop beeped twice to warn them again.

Zhou Wei had failed again!

Everyone in the car was silent.

Seeing that Zhou Wei wasn’t able to unlock the verification system that Qiao Nian had left on the USB twice in a row, Luo Qing took back the laptop and said in a deep voice, “Let me take a look. This may not be iris recognition.”

The rainbow-colored light on the screen was still flashing and was obviously still scanning.

What was this technology if it was not iris recognition?

Zhou Wei pursed the corners of her mouth tightly. Her complexion turned blue, and her expression was terribly unpleasant.

She couldn’t unlock the verification system by herself, so she could only let Luo Qing try.

Luo Qing specialized in software development, so he had no idea how to decipher the system. He wasn’t able to get down to work and try to unlock the verification system immediately as Zhou Wei did.

He could only start from the most basic steps and check what kind of a system this was.

He wouldn’t know if he didn’t see it. However, he would get a shock once he found out!

After Luo Qing checked it, he raised his head with a slight change in expression. He then spoke to Zhou Wei. “This system doesn’t really seem like our iris recognition technology.”

Zhou Wei had been feeling very stuffy since the beginning. When she heard this, she immediately sneered. “If this isn’t our iris recognition technology, what exactly is it? It’s obviously my iris recognition technology!”

She didn’t know where Qiao Nian got the source code for the iris recognition system. However, she could recognize that the verification system on the USB was her iris recognition technology!

Zhou Wei couldn’t understand why she was unable to unlock the system just now.

According to her design, she had entered the code to uninstall the system. She should have been able to uninstall the system successfully. She was unable to figure out what went wrong.

All she saw was that after Luo Qing heard her words, he buried his head back into the laptop and tapped on the keyboard a few more times.. He then raised his head solemnly with a stiff face. He said, “Team Leader Zhou, the verification system put on this USB by Miss Qiao is really not an iris recognition system…”


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