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Chapter 706: Flight to Beijing

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Just at this time, the airport broadcast sounded a voice urging boarding.

Qiao Nian came back to her senses, pulled at her shoulder bag, and said coolly, “Time to board the plane. I’ll go first.”

Gu San also came back from “buying breakfast”. He was empty-handed, having obviously bought nothing but loneliness!

Seeing her, Gu San touched his nose and explained in embarrassment, “There were too many people queuing for KFC. I waited 20 minutes, but it still wasn’t my turn yet. So I came back upon seeing that the plane was about to take off.”

He looked at Ye Wangchuan with the meaning: ‘Have you finished chatting with Miss Qiao?’

But that man did not look back at him.

Qiao Nian didn’t mind it. She pulled down her hoodie, revealing a delicate and beautiful profile. She then said, “It’s fine. There’s breakfast on the plane, anyway.”

Ye Wangchuan had booked first-class tickets for them, and the food provided had much variety and was of high quality.

“Mm…” Gu San scratched his head a little awkwardly. He looked up at the man who was here to send them off and said, “Master Wang, in that case, Miss Qiao and I will board the plane first?”

The second announcement was made.

Qiao Nian turned to look at the snaking queues and then said, “We really have to get going.”

“Remember to call me.”

He had said this at least thrice before. Qiao Nian looked up and finally responded obediently, “Mm, I got it. I’ll let you know when we arrive in Beijing.”

With that, she called Gu San along and waved her hand coolly. “We’re going!”

Gu San watched as she left without turning back.

He hesitated for a moment and looked at the unmoving man. He then said, “Master Wang, I’ll get going. You should get back and rest, too.”

“Go on. Help me take good care of her.”


He didn’t have to remind him about this. Gu San was well aware and would not forget about it. After some goodbyes, he hurried to catch up with the girl.

The flight from Rao City to Beijing was three and a half hours.

Three hours later.

A crowd was waiting at the arrival hall of the airport in Beijing.

Zhou Wei, Luo Qing, and Bo Jingxing were around.

Besides them, a few other Ninth Branch members were present as well.

Other than the three of them who had seen Qiao Nian before, the rest of them had no idea what she looked like. They only knew they were here to receive the doctor who would treat Master Cheng.

They looked at the board; the plane would land in about 10 minutes.

Somebody couldn’t help but say curiously, “I wonder what kind of person Miss Qiao is. She must be an impressive doctor.”

Zhou Wei’s arms were crossed, and her expression was cold. She sneered and said sarcastically, “Ha, it’s best you don’t expect too much. You might get disappointed when you see her.”

“Uh… it can’t be that bad, right? Leader Zhou, you’ve met Miss Qiao before?” That person asked in shock.

Zhou Wei’s mocking expression got thicker. “Of course I have.”

The few of them who hadn’t met Qiao Nian looked at Zhou Wei with much interest.

“What kind of person is Miss Qiao like?” The person speaking was a square-faced guy named Chen Zhu.

Zhou Wei looked at him and said, “You want to know?”

Chen Zhu was a serious man with a great personality. He immediately said, “Of course. She was picked by Master Wang to treat Master Cheng.. Of course, I’m curious.”

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