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Chapter 68: Class A Is About to Become a Garbage Shelter

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Shen Hui went back from the principal’s office under great stress and suffered from a throbbing headache along the way. What should she do during the exams?

Class B had always been bitterly fighting over the top class position with Class A.

And she even had Qiao Nian in her class, who was only in Class A because of a recommendation.

If their class was overtaken by Class B after the test, they would become the biggest joke.

She pushed open the door of the faculty office, deep in thought. Before she entered, she heard Chen Xi talking to the others, gloating in her misfortune.

“I heard that Chen Yuan who dropped out of Class A is back.

“With Qiao Nian and Chen Yuan, Class A is about to become a garbage shelter.”

It seemed like the headteacher of Class F was chatting with her. “Teacher Chen, should I congratulate you in advance for completing the counterattack? Haha.”

Chen Xi disagreed. “What’s the point of congratulating me for winning a trash class? It’s only natural.”

At this moment.

The door slammed open.

It was during the morning reading time, and the form teachers had gone out to supervise their classes. Some of them had stayed in the office drinking tea.

She walked in with a heavy face, and the teachers quickly returned to their own seats.

Chen Xi also put down the teacup, feeling bored and preparing to take her lesson plan to class.

However, Shen Hui directly blocked her seat and slapped a stack of lesson plans on her desk aggressively.


Chen Xi raised her head inexplicably. “Are you crazy? Why should I apologize to you?”

“I heard everything you said just now.”

Shen Hui’s face was stern. She had better facial features than Chen Xi, but she didn’t know how to dress up and always pulled her hair back meticulously. Chen Xi had thus stolen the limelight as the most beautiful teacher. At this moment, her anger caused her rigid and strong aura to become even more obvious.

A look of jealousy flashed through Chen Xi’s eyes, and she raised her chin indifferently. “So what if you heard? Did I say anything wrong? Qiao Nian has always obtained average grades in the previous school, but she got into your class with a perfect score when she transferred over. Do you dare say that you don’t have any doubts inside? As for Chen Yuan, he didn’t even finish the second semester of high school and has to catch up with the third year’s contents. Isn’t he just here to pull your leg?”

Shen Hui glared at her fiercely, not losing out on the argument. “That’s my class’s business, it has nothing to do with you. Why did you have to slander my students and my class behind my back?

“I was just wondering. Teacher Chen, you claim that Class A is a trash class, but why is it that Class B loses to us every single year?”

The form teachers of the top classes arguing made the other form teachers afraid to speak up.

This was not a joke. Such a fight among the powerful had nothing to do with their classes.

Chen Xi was speechless for a moment, and she endured it for a long time before standing up. “Since you said that, then let’s take a gamble. The exam is coming soon, if my class surpasses yours this time, you’ll have to give us the title of the most outstanding class.”


Shen Hui agreed very readily.

She also didn’t like Qiao Nian, who had parachuted into her class out of nowhere. Neither did she like Chen Yuan, who had been suspended from school. However, they were both students in her class, and she couldn’t allow outsiders to scold them and call them trash.

“What if you lose?”

“Lose?” Chen Xi sneered. “Teacher Shen, our class isn’t far from yours every year. Now that you have two students pulling down the average, I would be too embarrassed to lose. I don’t even know how to lose at this point.”

Shen Hui had never liked those glib-tongued people. Since Chen Xi refused to answer, she directly said, “If you lose, you must publicly apologize to Qiao Nian and Chen Yuan in our class! And to me!”

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