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Chapter 674: Since We’re All Here, Let’s Have a Meal Together

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Everyone’s expression was rather amusing and interesting, but Cheng Wu didn’t pay attention to it. After talking about it casually, he really felt that it was a little coincidental. He turned his head and asked Qiao Weimin, “Student Qiao Nian and you can’t be relatives, right?”

Qiao Weimin and Shen Qiongzhi were speechless.

Not realizing that the atmosphere was extremely awkward, he said with a smile, “They’re from the same city and studied at the same school before, and they are about the same age. I just asked out of curiosity, if it’s not, then forget it. Perhaps this is all fate.”

Wei Ling took a deep breath, and her face turned from blue to black, and from black to blue again. Her chest was suffocated, she could hardly stand it anymore.

She had an extraordinary status in Beijing and had never experienced such an embarrassing situation. The most important thing was that she couldn’t just leave in embarrassment. She could only remain standing upright here and be beaten repeatedly in the face.

What’s worse, the person who slapped her in the face was not an outsider, but Cheng Wu, whom she had worked so hard to invite from Beijing!

And she couldn’t even blame him because the man was truly unaware!

How did Qiao Nian… come in first place?

Those must be incredible grades.

Qiao Nian was already extremely impatient. She took out her phone and wanted to see it, but found it rude as she was with her elders. She stood here and continued to listen to Cheng Wu’s chattering. She was already annoyed, and to top it off, the Qiao Family kept side-eyeing her every once in a while, frustrating her further.

She was so annoyed that she took a chewing gum bottle out of her pocket, poured a white candy pill from it, and chewed one loosely.

Nie Mi watched as she ate that small pill that couldn’t be bought outside. His heart ached for that small pill, but he never intervened with regards to whatever Qiao Nian did.

Seeing that she was impatient, he turned his head and whispered to get the girl’s opinion, “Nian Nian, do you want us all to eat together?”

He was alright with either arrangement. It was mainly Qiao Nian’s opinion that he was concerned about.

Cheng Wu heard Nie Mi asking the girl for her opinion. He smiled and said to Qiao Nian, “Student Qiao Nian, let’s have a meal together. You and Qiao Chen are both in the same batch at Qing University. If you know more people, you can have more people to look out for you in school. Both of you are the same age and should have many things in common.”

Wei Ling’s performance just now disappointed him too much. He simply passed her and motioned to Qiao Chen with his eyes to say something.

Qiao Chen got the hint from his eyes. The skin on the palm of her hand was about to be ripped as she raised her head and stammered, “That… since we’ve met, let’s have a meal together.”


Her face burned as she said that. She wished she could hide right away.

But her pair of watery eyes stubbornly held on and didn’t look away, forcing herself to stare at the girl standing casually and smiling slightly.

“We will be in the same school. We can take care of each other in the future.”

As she said, she discreetly looked at the old man beside Qiao Nian.

She really wanted to be Master Nie’s disciple. He would be a shortcut for her to quickly break into the upper circle of Beijing.

Even Cheng Wu didn’t achieve such a status.

If she could take advantage of Qiao Nian to bring up the matter after this meal, she did not mind having a temporary “smile and enmity” with Qiao Nian.

She had it all planned out.

Qiao Nian squinted her eyes, curled up the corners of her lips, and sneered as she stared at her and asked, “You want to eat with me?”

“I…” Qiao Chen always felt that she was lacking to be here, but Nie Mi’s presence was too tempting to her. Even if she was irritated, she forced herself to say softly, “I feel that since we are all from the same city, it’d be good if we can look out for each other in Beijing.. It’s better to have one more friend, rather than one less.”


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