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Chapter 665: He Learned Something New Today

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Before Gu San could recover his senses, he tilted his head and asked with a puzzled expression, “What’s Miss Qiao going to do at the Wei Family’s house?”

Ye Wangchuan pinched the bridge of his tall nose. He sometimes wondered if Gu San was mentally retarded.


He turned his question around and asked him, “What do you think?”

“How would I know? I wouldn’t be asking you if I knew.” Gu San just finished speaking when the realization finally hit him. He had a shocked expression on his face and his eyes widened. He looked at Ye Wangchuan and exclaimed, “Old Master Wei?!”

He had only just remembered. He didn’t know who he had heard this from before. Old Master Wei was sick and seriously ill. They looked for experts within China and abroad, but no one wanted to take on his case.

In the past few days, rumors floated around Beijing that Old Master Wei had woken up.

He initially assumed that Wei Ying had sought Liang Lu’s help.


Gu San’s throat was a little dry. He slowly tucked in his chin, still in shock. “So, Miss Qiao’s friend’s grandfather was actually Old Master Wei?”

“Yes.” Ye Wangchuan opened the laptop again. His hands were beautiful and well-proportioned, without a trace of excess fat. His fingers were slender and his joints were distinct. His fingernails were neatly trimmed. At first glance, he looked like a very neat person.

He put one hand on the mouse. With a modest and lazy tone, he said, “Who else could it be if not Old Master Wei?”

Gu San was speechless.

Miss Qiao’s konghou teacher was Master Nie.

Miss Qiao was friends with the chairman of the Cheng Feng Corporation, Yuan Yongqin.

Miss Qiao’s elder was Old Master Su.

Now, she was also acquainted with her friend’s grandfather, Old Master Wei!


Haha, he learned something new today!

On the other end, at World Hotel.

Wei Ling led the Qiao Family, together with Qiao Chen, to look for Cheng Wu.

This was because Qiao Chen’s celebratory banquet tomorrow would be held at World Hotel. Cheng Wu didn’t bother to find a place to stay, so he decided to stay in this hotel.

Just as they stepped into the lobby.

Wei Ling’s sharp eyes noticed that the girl who just got out of the taxi had an eye-catching appearance. She was wearing a sweater and a cap. She lowered her head and paid for the taxi and walked into the hotel.

Seeing Qiao Nian, she immediately showed an expression of disgust. She pursed her lips and said angrily, “What’s she doing here?”

“Who is she?” Two of her friends from Beijing came along with her. Qiao Weimin and Shen Qiongzhi were also there.

After all, Cheng Wu was Qiao Chen’s future mentor. Even if he arrived early for the banquet tomorrow, they would definitely still invite him out for lunch.

They had to show him some sincerity.

When Shen Qiongzhi heard her finish speaking in disgust, she turned her head and followed her gaze, spotting the tall figure of the girl with just a glance.

Suddenly showing the same expression of disgust, she said in a low voice, “We’re so unlucky. We run into her wherever we go!”

Qiao Weimin tugged her and told her not to talk like that.

Shen Qiongzhi ignored him and pushed his hand away. With an ugly expression, she said, “Could she have heard that Professor Cheng Wu is here in Rao City and is planning to try and take this chance to talk to him?”

That was outrageous!

Anyone with common sense knew that she wasn’t smart.

However, Shen Qiongzhi did not think so. She regarded Qiao Nian as a walking bad omen. She would just slander her with whatever she deemed fit.

“Oh, did she even look at her own grades? She didn’t even pass the independent enrollment examination. Does she believe that she can really enter Qing University by coming here?”

This was too harsh.

Wei Ling listened comfortably and sneered. “Who knows what she’s doing here.”

She wasn’t as brainless as Shen Qiongzhi. She knew that the reason Qiao Nian was here was by no means because she heard that Cheng Wu was in Rao City.. It was possible she was here to look for someone else.


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