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Chapter 656: The Best Schools Gathering in First High School

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First High School’s principal office was extremely crowded.

Most colleges and universities across the country were clustered together, and admissions teachers from dozens of colleges and universities crowded the office.

Neither the Dean of Teaching nor the Principal could attend to all of them.

Finally, taking the time to catch his breath, Principal Yu asked hurriedly, “Has Qiao Nian not come to school yet?”

Also very tired, the Dean shook his head. “She’s not in school.”

He wiped the sweat from his forehead with a look of helplessness and said softly, “I told Teacher Shen, the teacher of Class A, to contact Qiao Nian. I said that if she’s here, she is to call me and let me know. I haven’t received a call yet, which means she hasn’t arrived yet.”

He had thought about calling Qiao Nian to remind her, but he heard from the college admissions teachers who came for her that Qiao Nian seemed to have set up call interception, and unfamiliar phone numbers couldn’t make calls.

There was nothing he could do!

Principal Yu was silent for a moment, in his own mind. He raised his eyes and looked at a big group of people in the corridor outside the office. Then, he lowered his voice and said, “Do you know how many schools are here this time?”

“I haven’t counted it. People from various schools have been coming here since the morning. I have spoken to at least 20 schools, and some of them were attended to by you. My rough gauge is that there are up to 30 or 40 colleges and universities!”

The Dean of Teaching was busy all morning. His back was sweaty, hot, and tired, but he also felt uncontrollable excitement.

Like the principal, he looked at the admission teachers chatting outside to check the information and lowered his voice. “Schools are still coming over even now, all first-tier institutions. C University, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University included… Basically, all the top 50 schools in the country have come. And the rest… I don’t think they’re uninterested. I suppose they didn’t come because they know their standards are not as competitive.

“It’s the first time that our First High School has encountered such a situation, with hundreds of colleges and universities fighting over a student. I think Fu Ge’s case was not even this exaggerated when he came in as the top scholar in Rao City back then.”

Fu Ge took first place in the city that year, and his total score was only ten points behind the provincial top scorer. At that time, many schools also fought over him in First High School.

But it surely wasn’t a huge scene like this one.

Back then, perhaps there were seven or eight schools.

Qing University, Nanjing University, C University… the first-tier institutions had not come at that time.

They were, at best, some of the better institutions nearby.

A couple of more outstanding ones came every once in a while.

That alone caused a sensation at the time, and other schools around the city were envious of them.

This time, around 40 colleges and universities had come, and even the top five colleges in the country were here. If other schools knew about it, they’d be too envious for words.

The Dean of Teaching was also all smiles since such an outstanding student came from his school. “This is the first time I have witnessed this in my life. This is what it looks like when everyone fights over the top scorer of the College Entrance Examination, right?”

Principal Yu was holding a thermos cup in his hand. After a busy morning, he found an opportunity to unscrew the lid and drink a sip of water. When he heard what he said, he was scalded by the boiling water and held it away. “I don’t think even the national college entrance examination champion has this pomp!”

The Dean of Teaching turned his head and looked at him with bright eyes.

He straightened his back unconsciously and put the thermos cup to his mouth again. This time he learned to be clever.. He blew and waited for the water to cool down before taking a tentative sip.

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