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Chapter 655: So the Result Was Announced

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Qiao Nian deleted all the irrelevant text messages, set up the phone to block the calls and messages, and finally calmed down.

Then, she started reading the messages again.

One was sent by Nie Mi.

[Nie: Qing University can’t cover it anymore. They put your entrance exam results on the education intranet at midnight, and it will be announced tomorrow. Now all major colleges and universities know your scores in the Qing University entrance examination. Is anyone looking for you?]

Qing University announced the results?

Qiao Nian suddenly understood why she received so many phone calls and text messages.

It turned out that the results were released.

Before she had time to reply to his message, Nie Mi sent a new one.

[Nie: Don’t bother about those schools, I’m here in Rao City too. Wait for me to go to the hotel to put my things away, and we’ll have a meal together later!]

Even if he had not said it, Qiao Nian did not plan to change schools either. Looking down, she held the cell phone in her slender hand and returned a succinct message.

[QN: Sure.]

Not an extra word!

How Qiao Nian-like!

After replying to the message, she saw the text message sent to her by Shen Hui, probably asking her to make her way down to school today. As for when to go, it depended on when she was free.

After Qiao Nian replied to the message, she put the phone to charge, bent over to pick up the clothes on the bed, and then went into the bathroom.

When she delivered chicken soup to the hospital yesterday, the man who had woken up briefly fell asleep again, so she had to go to the hospital today.

After going to the hospital, she would go to school again when she had the time, and then have dinner with Nie Mi…

Tsk, so many things lined up!


Around First High School in Rao City, the students who came early in the morning found that the atmosphere on the campus was not right today, and there were a lot of cars from other provinces.

Many people were also rushing to the principal’s office in a hurry.

All of them were holding their bags, walking in the wind, looking very anxious.

Liang Bowen, Chen Yuan, and the others went to Shen Hui’s office to take their classes’ homework that had been graded. They happened to meet these people on the way.

Liang Bowen watched everyone walking in a hurry. Some who walked past him didn’t even have their eyes on the road.

He smacked his lips and said in a low voice, “Are these people all here for Sister Nian? I heard that dozens of university principals and teachers came to the school today. Our principal’s office is crowded, and some are still standing in the corridors…”

After the last incident, Chen Yuan had matured a lot. Some of his features were still childlike like before, but his eyes seemed to be clearer and more settled now. He had the stability that a boy of his age rarely possessed.

He raised his eyes and glanced at the men and women with briefcases, calmly saying, “If not Sister Nian, who else can make these top-class college teachers come all the way to Rao City to fight for them?”

“But aren’t Sister Nian’s results not released yet? Qing University still has it under wraps.” Liang Bowen looked at the people who were constantly heading towards the principal’s office in confusion.

Chen Yuan was holding a lot of exercise books in his arms. As he walked into the class, he turned his eyes back at him and said, “It’s just that we didn’t make it public yet. There are internal channels between schools, and the schools will definitely publish it online. The results of this joint entrance examination must have been published on the internal channel. Otherwise, these schools won’t swarm to our First High School.”

Liang Bowen thought about it and nodded, no longer surprised. “True.”

Dozens of colleges and universities from across the country!

Besides Sister Nian’s grades, who else had such a great charm!

This was insane power and influence!

The corners of his mouth curled up and his eyes were gleaming. He looked forward to the day when Qiao Nian would publicly announce her results.

When the time came, a lot of people would feel utterly humiliated!

Such as those who had gone around claiming that Sister Nian did not make it into Qing University!

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