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Chapter 652: The Principal of Qing University Personally Visiting Rao City

Qiao Chen craned her neck to get a better look but did not see anyone resembling Cheng Wu. She asked softly, “Aunt, why isn’t Professor Cheng Wu out yet?”

Wei Ling, on the other hand, was rather calm. She held the bouquet in her arm and replied expressionlessly, “What’s there to worry about? Not everyone’s out yet, maybe Professor Cheng is behind.”

Qiao Chen looked towards the exit again with unconcealable worry in her eyes.

Tang Wei had already confirmed that she was not coming. If Professor Cheng stood her up as well, her promotion party would look a little ordinary.

Fortunately, a while later, the familiar figure of a middle-aged man emerged at the gates.

“See, isn’t he here?” Wei Ling saw him right away and stepped forward.

With a smile, she handed the bouquet to the middle-aged man. “Professor Cheng, thank you for traveling all the way here and taking the time to attend Chen Chen’s school promotion party. Welcome.”

“Thank you.” Cheng Wu received the flowers and quickly said, “President Wei, you’re too kind.”

He then turned to the girl beside Wei Ling and said in a friendly manner, “Qiao Chen is my student, I’ll definitely attend her school promotion party if I can make it.”

At least hundreds of students enrolled in the Qing University Finance Faculty every year. He was the only Head of Faculty, and also a leading expert in the Finance industry. How could he possibly put in all his time and effort into one student?

To put it plainly, he was attending Qiao Chen’s party on Wei Ling’s account. Of course, it was also on the Shen Family’s account as well.

Otherwise, with Qiao Chen having Music as her major course and Finance as her minor course, there was no way he would waste two days traveling to a small place like Rao City for this.

But, like Liang Lu, he was one of the few who managed to achieve such a status at a young age, before he even turned 50. This showed that both his intelligence and emotional intelligence were definitely extraordinary. He knew how to handle such situations appropriately. As such, even though he didn’t actually think much about Qiao Chen, he had to make things sound good.

“Qiao Chen did pretty well in the examinations this time. As an Arts student, she scored 589 points for the Cultural component; that’s one of the best scores among this batch of students. She performed very naturally and confidently during the interview and managed to respond to every question clearly. For such a student, I’d have gotten her to enroll in the Finance Faculty if not for the fact that she loves music.” Cheng Wu continued with a smile, “But it’s alright. Even with Music as her major, she can still study Finance under me.”

Wei Ling was already a wily old fox in the circle. Being shrewd, she was not as excited as Qiao Chen, who took those casual polite sentences to be the truth. She smiled and said, “It’s Chen Chen’s good fortune to be recognized by Professor Cheng. I only hope that she can study with you well in the future, and don’t disappoint you.”

Cheng Wu followed up with a few polite words, then walked out of the terminal building. While walking, he said to Wei Ling, “President Wei, I was so embarrassed that you had to wait so long. I could have come out earlier, but our principal’s luggage was missing. I helped him look for it, and it took a while…”

Wei Ling didn’t think much about the first half of the sentence, but the second half of his sentence caught her attention. She immediately looked at him in surprise and asked, “The Principal of Qing University has also come to Rao City?”

She was really surprised. She didn’t expect the Principal of Qing University to visit such a small place like Rao City in person.

It had to be noted that Qing University was one of the most important and outstanding institutions in the country. Of course, the Principal of Qing University could not be taken to be as simple as just a principal.

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