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Chapter 651: Before Qiao Chen Enters, Qiao Nian Is Already at the Top

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“Grandma, you’ve thought it through?” Tang Qi and the rest of the Tang family members did not hear what Tang Ning said on the phone. They only saw that she changed her mind after picking up the call. They were pleasantly surprised.

Tang Wei couldn’t say a word in response. She felt as if something was lodged in her throat. She shook her head, and her hair looked even whiter now. She seemed exhausted and disappointed. “We’re not going anymore.”

What for?

Qiao Chen made it into Qing University, that was all. Even with Wei Ling as her backing, could she compare to Qiao Nian?

Given what Tang Ning said, it seemed like Qiao Chen had been on the edge of the social circle in Beijing, but had not managed to find her place in it.

Meanwhile, Qiao Nian was already well-acquainted with the highest-level people in the circle.

How could she not be sure about the choice she should make now?

The following day, Qiao Chen received news that Tang Wei would not be coming on the way to the airport with Wei Ling.

Seeing the message sent by Shen Qiongzhi, she furrowed her brows slightly. She did not mention her disappointment, but it was obvious on her face.

Seeing how she was staring at her cell phone, Wei Ling asked casually, “What is it?”

Qiao Chen quickly kept her phone and concealed her disappointment. Then, she forced a smile and said, “Nothing much. My mom sent a message to ask if we’ve reached.”

“Oh, we will soon.” Wei Ling wasn’t really interested in her matters, she just asked casually. Hence, she replied in a patronizing manner now.

Wei Qi was in court the previous day, and the local press had covered that news. It caused a stir online.

Many netizens were commenting and reading through the forums.

They couldn’t understand how someone like Wei Qi, who had incredibly strong backing and power, could be arrested for a trivial crime like bringing in controlled drugs. What’s more, his sentence was three years’ imprisonment.

Wei Ling had been troubled by the online comments since the morning, and Shen Jingyan had already tried to suppress the commotion online by pulling strings.

He even got some news firms to remove the articles entirely.

Even so, she was very clear that this news had practically destroyed Wei Qi. In the future, no matter how many resources the Wei Family came up with to support Wei Qi, it would be hard for him to do much with this record.

Although Wei Qi was responsible for the state he was in today, Qiao Chen’s smart-aleck ways were also partly the cause of it.

Hence, Wei Ling had not been friendly to her all morning.

Qiao Chen knew that she had caused trouble as well, so she tried to be as nice and pleasing as possible. She was afraid that Wei Ling would give up on her when angered. This was also why she dared not tell her that Tang Wei was not coming anymore.

She retracted her gaze, secretly upset at the Tang family for not giving her face. That old lady Tang Wei was too much!

The drive went on until they arrived at the airport. Wei Ling got off first and checked the time on her watch, before saying to Qiao Chen, who was taking her time, “Hurry up, Professor Cheng’s flight has landed. We’ll receive him at T1.”


After all, Cheng Wu was an important guest for her promotion party, and also her future mentor. Qiao Chen paid much attention to this matter as well. She would have sped up even without Wei Ling hurrying her.

Rao City wasn’t big, and the airport here was much smaller than the one in Beijing.

There were just two terminals, one for domestic flights and another for international flights.

Cheng Wu had arrived at T1 from Beijing. Wei Ling was holding a bouquet of flowers and waiting alongside Qiao Chen.

About 20 minutes later, some people began streaming out of the arrival hall.. Quite a number of people who were waiting with them had already received their loved ones.

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