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Chapter 625: ‘Busy Studying’, Your Sister Nian!

The corners of Qiao Nian’s mouth twitched. “I’m too busy studying to go online.”

“Oh, you’re in your third year of high school. No wonder.” Qin Si didn’t react. He didn’t say that Zhui Guang was a popular person on the Internet. How did Qiao Nian know that only by surfing the Internet could she know this person? What if Zhui Guang was a celebrity?

He didn’t notice this small detail, so he missed that Qiao Nian’s aura was very similar to Zhui Guang’s aura, which had been revealed previously.

“Zhui Guang is someone who plays music. This person also plays the konghou and is very similar to Master Nie. It’s just that their personal styles are different. She doesn’t have Master Nie’s chorus, so her arrangement is more flamboyant and lively. She’s very suitable to learn from him. I think with her talent, Master Nie won’t have to worry about passing on his inheritance after a few years…”

This was the first time Qiao Nian had heard someone say that her arrangement was flamboyant and lively.

She recalled the arrangement she had written.

Her initial heart seemed to want to convey the state of mind back then.

As for whether her style was brash or not, she really had not noticed.

As they were discussing.

Jiang Xianrou went on stage.

Zhang Yang didn’t hear what the two of them were talking about. When he saw Jiang Xianrou go on stage, he nudged Qin Si with his elbow and said excitedly, “Young Master Qin, it’s Miss Jiang’s turn.”

He sighed with emotion from the bottom of his heart. “Those people at the front are probably going to cry. Miss Jiang just won first place at the Piano Association. Now that she’s here, Master Nie’s last disciple spot will probably be determined in advance…”

Qin Si looked up and saw Jiang Xianrou walking up the stage accompanied by Tang Wanru. Her voice was arrogant as she spoke to the elder sitting at the main table.

He could probably guess without listening.

She must be playing the same tune as before to celebrate Master Nie’s birthday.

He placed his hand on his lap in disapproval.

Qiao Nian looked up at the stage with a serious expression, waiting for Jiang Xianrou to perform.

Zhang Yang was still there. “I heard that Miss Jiang is going to perform the arrangement she won an award for. I’m looking forward to hearing it and seeing what kind of godly tune it is.

“I heard that this song was way ahead of the third place and was very close to the second place. In the end, the second place’s arrangement was plagiarized and it was disqualified. I guess the second place’s arrangement was made up of all sorts of things on the Internet. It can’t compare to Miss Jiang’s arrangement…”

Qiao Nian, who was in second place, was speechless.

On stage, Jiang Xianrou had already finished her congratulatory speech. Taking a deep breath, she sat in front of the piano and lifted the cover. Her slender fingers rested on the black and white keys, giving off an unattainable sense of beauty.

As her fingers danced, smooth music poured out of the piano. The jumping piano keys and the melodious piano sound could be heard even by those who didn’t know the piano.

Tang Wanru was also here today. She was wearing a dark green long dress and a shawl, looking elegant and feminine.

Wen Ruxia was sitting beside her. When she saw the radiant girl playing the piano on the stage, she couldn’t help but praise, “Miss Jiang’s piano skills are getting better and better. This arrangement is also very good. Her future is limitless.”

“You’re too kind.” She looked humble. Wen Ruxia had praised her too much, she couldn’t hide the joy in her eyes.

When Wen Ruxia saw the pride and joy in her eyes, she knew what their motive was. She shook her head indiscernibly.

If they were here for Master Nie, they would probably be disappointed this time.

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