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Chapter 624: Have You Heard of Zhui Guang?

Qin Si hadn’t played so happily in a long time. After this game, he even wanted to play another round.

“Another round?”

“No.” Qiao Nian saw that Nie Mi had already started his speech. The hotel staff was gradually sending food over. She exited the game and said softly, “It’s starting. I’m not playing anymore. I’ll play again if there’s a chance.”

Although Qin Si still felt a little unsatisfied, he wasn’t someone who couldn’t read the situation. In addition, people were coming over to sit at their table one after another. Seeing that it was also full, he didn’t want to implicate Qiao Nian in being scrutinized by others with surprised gazes. Therefore, he put away his phone and exited the game. He said, “Alright, let’s play again next time. Sister Qiao, don’t forget to ask me out on a date.”

He usually had nine jobs in his hands and had a lot of things to do. However, he wasn’t as busy as Ye Wangchuan. When he spoke about it, it was as if he had nothing to do with it.

“Okay.” Qiao Nian put away her phone and focused on the front.

After Nie Mi made his speech, a few more people went on stage to give their speeches. They said a lot of meaningless words, and the audience started to become sleepy.

The person who had finally gone up to speak finished.

Then, a group of young people began to perform on stage with various instruments in the name of congratulating the elder on his birthday.

If not for the dishes on the table, Qiao Nian would have thought that she had walked to the wrong place. Did she attend the Vienna Golden Performance Hall instead of a birthday party?

From the violin to the saxophone to the flute, a myriad of instruments filled the banquet hall. It was so noisy that she had no appetite to eat.

Initially, there were a few dishes that she liked on the table. However, after touching them a few times, she couldn’t eat them anymore.

So noisy!

Someone was playing the violin on the stage. Qin Si looked up and saw that it was someone from the Xu family. He was almost tired of listening. He supported his chin and smiled when he saw the impatient girl beside him. “Are you tired of listening?”

“I just think it’s too noisy.”

It was so noisy that she didn’t have any appetite.

Qin Si chuckled. “It’s very normal. Master Nie is usually simple. They can’t catch him, so they can only take this opportunity to show off to him. They all want to become his disciples.”

Jiang Xianrou seemed to be going on stage today as well. Qin Si felt that the scene before him was ridiculous. He lowered his voice and said, “Master Nie is best at the konghou. He has also been working hard to promote traditional music in the country. Look at what these people are holding in their hands. Tsk~ Violin? Flute? None of them really play traditional music.”

It was the same for Jiang Xianrou. She was clearly an 8th-tier pianist, but she insisted on joining Master Nie’s party.

He didn’t understand why.

Just for fame?

No wonder Master Nie would rather not take in disciples over the years.

If it were him, he wouldn’t accept any disciples either!

It was too ridiculous!

He felt disgusted!

“Speaking of people who play traditional music in the country, I can think of someone.” Qin Si’s gaze drifted away. He crossed his legs cynically as he turned his head and asked her, “Have you heard of Zhui Guang?”

Qiao Nian’s eyes flashed. She raised her hand and pulled down her hat to hide the emotions in her eyes. “Ah, no.”

“You haven’t even heard of Zhui Guang?” Qin Si looked at her with a puzzled expression. “I thought she was very famous among you young people. Even the little ones in my family know her name. I’m so fascinated. You actually haven’t heard of her.”

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