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Chapter 623: Sister Nian’s Small Profit

“How about you take advantage of this bull market and sell some stocks first? You can buy in again once the momentum passes later.”

The stock market rose a lot last night, and this period of time was considered a bull market. He also played in the stock market a little, but he was not as good as Ye Wangchuan. He usually relied on Ye Wangchuan to give him a few pointers. However, he felt that he would at least be better than a high school student and confidently pointed this out to Qiao Nian.

“This kind of bull market trend will usually be followed by a bear market. Many people become reluctant to sell their stocks when it rises, thinking that they will continue to earn money. However, most of them just end up losing money. To play the stock market, the most important thing is to maintain a good mentality. Do not be greedy and leave when the market is doing well. That way, you will earn money.

“The stocks that you have bought should have risen too, right?”

A bull market did not mean that all stocks would rise. There would always be a small number of junk stocks that would not rise, even in a bull market.

He felt that individual investors that played stocks casually like Qiao Nian were the most likely to accidentally pick the junk stocks.

Qiao Nian raised her eyebrows. Her dark eyes looked willful as she leaned back relaxedly, with her long legs bent. She inexplicably gave off a casual aura. “It’s fine.”

She made a small profit.

She was almost able to make up for the money lost in the most recent batch of goods.

“Oh, then it’s good that you sold early and earned some money.” When she said that it was fine, Qin Si took it to mean that she had earned a few hundred or a few thousand yuan. As it was such a small amount of money, he did not take it to heart. After giving Qiao Nian a few pointers on the stock market, he brought up another topic. “I saw you playing a game just now. What game were you playing?”

“Gun Wars.”

Qiao Nian took out her cell phone and clicked on the game to show him. “This is the game. I play it occasionally.”

Qin Si knew this game. He played it occasionally to pass the time. He wasn’t surprised to see Qiao Nian playing this game. Interested, he invited her to play with him. “The banquet will take a while to start, anyway. Do you want to team up for a game?”

“I’m fine with anything.” She had a casual attitude.

“Then, let us play a round.” Qin Si liked her natural and casual attitude. She was better than many girls in their circle. She wasn’t coy.

If you wanted to play, then you should play. If you didn’t want to play, then you shouldn’t play. He felt the most annoyed by girls who would shyly say that they were bad at the game when they were invited to play.

What was the connection between being bad at a game and wanting to play the game? He didn’t expect them to be a professional at the game. He just wanted to gather a few people to play the game and have a fun time together.

He stroked his chin and looked at Zhang Yang beside him. He said, “Let us play together as a team of three people.”

This game was very popular. It could be played on the computer or from a cell phone. Although they could play from either way, they were grown-ups and did not have much time to play games. They only played occasionally, and were neither weak nor skilled.

Zhang Yang was a little more familiar with the game and had a higher ranking. When he heard the invitation, he turned to Qiao Nian and said, “Miss Qiao, I will lead you.”

Qiao Nian put her hands on the table and lowered her eyes. She was thinking about how long the game would last. She then heard his confident voice saying that he would carry them. She raised her eyes and the corners of her mouth lifted. She spoke with a wicked smile on her face. “Okay.”

The round was quite fun.

They were a group of three. Zhang Yang was in charge of facing the enemy, Qin Si was in charge of exploring the map, and Qiao Nian was assigned the simplest task of sniping.

In other words, her task was to pick a safe place to shoot at the enemy players.

Generally, in games like this one, male players liked to assign the sniper role to the girls. This was because it did not really matter if they didn’t play well. It was more important that they didn’t die too many times to the enemy players.

However, Qiao Nian was very ‘lucky’. She scored a headshot every single time.

They expected her to not even fire a shot. However, in this game, she managed to kill one enemy player with each shot she made.

After the game ended, she ended up with the highest score and the most number of kills.

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