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Chapter 622: Remembering the Fear of Being Dominated Yesterday

Everyone came here with the intention of expanding their own networks, and no one wanted to waste any time on a student.

Therefore, no one paid her any attention or headed in her direction.

When Qin Si and Zhang Yang arrived, they saw her.

She was wearing a baseball cap and was sitting in a corner. She was leaning against the wall with her long legs stretched out. Her sitting posture was relaxed and casual, and she was looking down as she played with her cell phone.

Zhang Yang’s eyes were sharp. He spotted Qiao Nian very quickly. He grabbed Qin Si’s arm and pointed in her direction, asking with uncertainty, “Young Master Qin, do you think that person there is Miss Qiao?”

He had glanced in that direction and felt that the person sitting there looked a lot like Qiao Nian.

However, he was not very sure.

Qiao Nian’s temperament was unique. He didn’t think that he would recognize the wrong person, but not everyone was invited to attend the banquet today.

What was Qiao Nian doing here?

Qin Si also saw the girl sitting there playing with her cell phone. When he saw Qiao Nian, he and Zhang Yang had the same look of surprise on their faces.

However, he was calmer than Zhang Yang. He crossed his arms and stepped forward, saying, “Let’s go and take a look.”

The two of them walked towards her.

Qiao Nian was the only person at her table. As Zhang Yang walked closer to the table, he became more and more sure he had not recognized the wrong person. He was surprised, but he greeted Qiao Nian politely.

“Miss Qiao, it really is you. I thought I had recognized the wrong person.”

Qiao Nian was playing a game, but she suddenly heard someone talking to her. Startled, her hand moved involuntarily and the character in the game died.

Her eyebrows twitched a little and she sighed. She raised her head and faced Zhang Yang’s passionate face. She looked at him and thought for a long time.

Zhang Yang knew from her reaction that she did not recognize him. He patted his chest and introduced himself. “It’s me, Zhang Yang, Young Master Qin’s friend. We met in the private room yesterday and even went for dinner with Chairman Ye together. I sat diagonally beside you yesterday, remember?”

Qiao Nian squinted her eyes, deep in thought. She looked at his face, which was not very handsome but looked kind, and finally remembered who he was.

It seemed like such a person was present yesterday.

She nodded and greeted him politely. “Hello.”

“Hello, nice to meet you.” Zhang Yang felt that she was like a treasure now and was filled with endless surprises. He didn’t dare to show off in front of her and greeted her with a smile. He proceeded to ask her something, which was also what Qin Si was curious about. “Miss Qiao, why are you here? Do you know Master Nie?”

Master Nie’s birthday this time was to celebrate a milestone in his life. He usually kept a low profile for his birthday parties and would not organize such a celebration.

This kind of celebration was held only once every decade.

Many people wanted to attend his party. They wanted to use this opportunity to introduce their children to Master Nie, in hopes of getting them to study under him. Even if Master Nie didn’t accept them as students, it would be nice to even get one or two pointers from him.

Therefore, they noticed that many people had brought their musical instruments along to the party.

Qiao Nian only brought along her cell phone. He didn’t see any musical instruments beside her. He didn’t know what kind of connection she had with Nie Mi.

Qiao Nian exited the game, raised her eyes, and replied with a faint expression, “Yes, he’s my elder, and I’m here to celebrate his birthday.”

Master Nie was Qiao Nian’s elder.

Zhang Yang thought back to the fear of being dominated by one of Qiao Nian’s aunts.

Ye Lan was her aunt.

Master Nie was also one of her elders. Zhang Yang thought back to the time at Wei Family when Young Master Qin asked him if he wanted to go pick up his sister from Rao City. He didn’t find that troublesome, so he went along with him.

How was she just a random person from Rao City?

She was clearly an important person!

Zhang Yang didn’t answer for a while. Qin Si, who was standing at the side, took advantage of the situation, pulled out the chair beside Qiao Nian, and sat down. He didn’t pay much attention to why she was here and cynically changed the subject. “The stocks rose yesterday. How are your stocks doing?”

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