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Chapter 62: What a Coincidence, I’m in First High School Too

“Chen— Chen Chen?”

Qiao Chen was so shocked that she was tongue-tied, and she felt particularly self-conscious about the eyes of the Fu family on her, especially Madam Fu, who blatantly looked distastefully at her.

Squeezing out a smile that was uglier than a crying face, Qiao Chen gently coaxed. “Don’t you like the bunny? It’s alright, I can also cut a kitten and a dog. Let me cut you a new one, which one do you prefer?”

“Do I look three years old?”

Ye Qichen glanced at her with only impatience on his young face. Although he wasn’t three years old, he was obviously five years old!

While struggling in the river that day, he had also seen her. This woman had stood on the bridge watching him coldly, pointing at him. But now, she was here trying to please him.

Instead of giving up, Qiao Chen pushed the plate of fruit in front of him half-compulsively and gave him a fake smile. “Chen Chen, don’t be so stubborn. You should eat more vitamins when you’re ill. Why don’t you just eat a small piece?”

“Why are you so annoying!”

Ye Qichen directly overturned the plate that was about to reach his mouth, and the pears instantly fell to the ground. His face was gloomy and angry as he turned his body and shouted at the people in the ward, “Get out! All of you! I want to sleep!”

Madam Fu immediately pulled her away distastefully. “Look at what you did!”

Qiao Chen had made a fool of herself and had been embarrassed in front of the Fu family. Feeling depressed and aggrieved, her face instantly turned pale, and her fingers bled from a cut from the plate, but she didn’t dare to make a sound.

Fu Ge held her hand and said anxiously, “Let’s go out first.”

On the 6th floor.

After Qiao Nian handed the meat Ganoderma to Aunt Chen, she chatted with Uncle Chen for a while on the hospital bed. When she saw his sallow and lethargic face, she got up and whispered to Chen Yuan, “Come out with me.”

She softly closed the door.

“Come here, further away.”

Qiao Nian led him all the way to the innermost part of the corridor, making sure the couple in the ward couldn’t hear them. She opened the corridor window, irritably took out chewing gum from her pocket, and threw it into her mouth.

It was very sweet.

The sour taste of lemons refreshed her palette.

Squinting, she leaned her back against the window, looking over at Chen Yuan with a pair of dark eyes.

Chen Yuan was still wearing a bandage on his arm and looked very frail with the injuries from the fight on his face.

Qiao Nian only narrowed her eyes at him and asked, “How does it feel to go out and mess around in society?”

Chen Yuan looked away and muttered, “It’s none of your business!”

Scoffing, her eyes were a little mad and wild, and she stood up straight. “If it weren’t for Aunt Chen and Uncle Chen, do you think I would care about you?”

“… I never asked you to!” Chen Yuan looked away again as if his self-esteem had been hurt.

Qiao Nian was too lazy to waste her saliva on him and straightforwardly said, “You said you wanted to make a career in society. It has been three months, but the fact is that you haven’t proven yourself. Now, you should abide by your agreement with me and return to school to study hard. Stop making Aunt Chen and Uncle Chen worry about you.”

Chen Yuan couldn’t understand why she could always maintain her calm. She was just like a ship with thousands of sails, standing still even in the midst of thrashing waves.

She was obviously about the same age as him!

He pulled a mocking smile. “Do you think I can go back to study whenever I want to?”

Having been forcibly suspended for three months, it was difficult for him to return.

Qiao Nian raised an eyebrow and asked, “Which school did you study in previously? I’ll find someone to inform them.”

“It’s useless,” Chen Yuan said, but still told her anyways. “I studied in Rao City’s First High School. I was in Class A. The Form Teacher is so headstrong and even stricter than the school. She would never allow me to go back and lower the class average.”

He used to have good grades and was in the top five in class. He knew Shen Hui attached great importance to student performance, so it was difficult for him to return.

Qiao Nian’s mouth twitched, and she said expressionlessly, “What a coincidence, I’m also in First High School, Class A.”

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