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Chapter 605: Seeing a Familiar Silhouette

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She had to give Nie Mi a call first to let him know that she had arrived at the hotel and to ask what time and where they should have their meal tomorrow.

Soon after, the other party had sent his location. As if afraid that she wouldn’t be able to locate the place, he thoughtfully named the landmarks nearby and the street names.

Qiao Nian had a look at it. It really was rather close to her hotel, just a street away.

She placed her cell phone on the desk, had some water, then dried her hair before changing up.

Half an hour later, at a clubhouse on Chang’an Street.

Fu Ge had just gotten out of the car with Wen Ziyu when they saw many luxury brand cars around the carpark.

He couldn’t help but mumble, “There are many good cars here at Lan Pavilion today, it seems.”

Today was the birthday of their mutual friend. The friend was going to celebrate at Lan Pavilion, so they were here today to celebrate it.

They knew each other as ‘friends’, but the fact was that he was just another acquaintance Wen Ziyu knew from the rich second-generation heirs’ circle in Beijing.

Wen Ziyu grew up in Beijing, and the social circle he engaged with was different from his. Just a look and he knew which car belonged to whom.

“Those are the cars of Young Master Qin and his friends. They’re probably here today as well.”

“Oh, I see.”

Fu Ge had heard a bit about that circle in Beijing before.

He knew that Qin Si’s group of friends he was referring to were a few years older than them. The second-generation heirs they were acquainted with were largely different. Qin Si’s circle had more power, besides just the riches.

Wen Ziyu’s circle couldn’t be compared to theirs.

Fu Ge was envious, but he knew well enough that he was not suited for those social circles. He retracted his gaze from the row of luxury cars and headed towards Lan Pavilion with Wen Ziyu.

Lan Pavilion had a great ambiance and environment. The furnishing was classy and elegant, and one could hear the calming sounds of water once they entered.

As he walked, Wen Ziyu talked to him about the following day’s matters. “We have class tomorrow morning, right? I’ll be attending a private banquet tomorrow and might not make it for class. Could you help me apply for leave?”

Fu Ge knew that the private banquet he was referring to was for Master Nie’s birthday. He heard Cheng Wu talk about it, but he was not invited. Upon hearing that Wen Ziyu was going, he replied distractedly, “Alright, I’ll let the professor know.”

“Mm, thanks.” Wen Ziyu thanked him and carried on walking.

Fu Ge felt a bit bitter as he walked next to him. As he glanced around in a daze, he seemed to see a familiar silhouette.

Qiao Nian?

He was slightly stunned.

He rubbed his eyes, but when he looked again, the figure had rounded the corner and was out of sight. It was almost as if his eyes had played tricks on him and that nobody was there at all.

Fu Ge pursed his lips, unsure what to believe.

Wen Ziyu noticed that he had stopped in his tracks and turned around to ask, “What’s wrong? Why aren’t you walking?”

With that, he looked in the direction Fu Ge was gazing at.

“I saw someone I know.”

Fu Ge clenched his fist, a little dejected. He thought about how he once expressed his interest to Qiao Nian over a meal, and he felt his heart tense up now. He tried to maintain his composure, but his expression was still rather strange. “Perhaps I’m wrong. She can’t possibly be at a place like this.”

Lan Pavilion wasn’t just any other place. It was a high-class private clubhouse. He only got to know of this place and managed to enter it because of Wen Ziyu.

Someone like Qiao Nian couldn’t possibly know of Lan Pavilion, much less enter it for an event.

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