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Chapter 604: Sending Her a Picture of Ye Wangchuan

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Qiao Nian opened it.

It was the “employee from the television station” whom Nie Mi had introduced to her previously.

She narrowed her eyes, unsure why the other party would send her a message. She opened it and had a glimpse.

[Big boss Zhui Guang, I heard from Master Nie that you’re here in Beijing. Do you have time for a meal?]

Qiao Nian knitted her brows together. She walked to the window and opened it, allowing the fresh air from outside to enter. Leaning against the wall by the floor-to-ceiling window, she replied to the message.

[Q: I don’t have time.]

Straightforward and to the point, without unnecessary elaboration.

After that prompt reply, she exited the app and entered WeChat.

Several notifications appeared at once.

Fortunately, her cell phone system was good. Other cell phones might be stalling by now.

Qiao Nian scrolled through the vast amount of information on the page. Besides some Class A students asking about the matter between her and Wu Jie, there was also a message from Gu San.

She opened it.

There was nothing.

Except for a picture.

A picture of Ye Wangchuan.

In the picture, the man had just disembarked from the harbor. His clothes drifted in the breeze and his long legs were clearly captured.

Not to mention that face of his. He was already good-looking, to begin with. With the sea and sky as the background, he looked even more handsome.

“Tsk~” Qiao Nian zoomed in on the picture, but she was looking at the batch of goods they had got hold of in the background.

She smiled.

Gu San’s next message came in.

[Gu San: Miss Qiao, it’s morning on our side, Master Wang and I are setting off now. What about you, is it cold in Beijing?]

Qiao Nian raised her brow and tilted her head. She then reached out to lower her cap intuitively, then realized she had just showered and her hair was still damp. Her cap was left in the bathroom.

Her eyes were dark as ink as she slowly put her hand down. After a split second, she took a picture of the scenery outside the hotel.

She sent it to Gu San.

[QN: Just arrived at the hotel. The matter is settled, and I’m getting ready to go out for lunch.]

After she sent the message, she did not check what Gu San replied. She figured that it was probably nothing important. She straightened up and headed to the refrigerator to get a bottle of mineral water.

She twisted open the bottle cap as she walked back to her bed and unzipped her bag, then grabbed her laptop and placed it on the desk.

She was just about to take a seat when her cell phone rang again.

Qiao Nian thought it was another message from Gu San and did not intend to look at it. However, after a second’s hesitation, she picked up her cell phone anyway.

Opening it, she saw that it was not Gu San.

It was a Beijing cell phone number she did not recognize. The other party had sent a message.

Qiao Nian’s cell phone number was private, and she rarely ever shared it with anyone. She found the number oddly familiar, but she couldn’t figure out where she had seen it before. She opened it, anyway.

[157XXXX679: Hi, Little Sister. I’m Qin Si. Has Master Wang told you about me yet? I’m his friend. Are you at your hotel already, would you want to have a meal together? I’m near the hotel he booked for you.]

Qiao Nian furrowed her brows slightly after reading the long message.

She didn’t have the intention to leave the room, actually. All she wanted to do was catch up on her sleep.

She had just rejected someone else’s invitation and was intending to do the same with Qin Si’s. But as she was replying, she paused for two seconds. She reread Ye Wangchuan’s name in the message, and also the fact that this man was near her hotel. She intended to order some food, anyway. Though it was more troublesome to eat out… if it was just nearby…

Qiao Nian looked down at her cell phone and eventually decided to give him some face.

[QN: Send me your location, I’ll be out in half an hour.]

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