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Chapter 603: I’ll Be Hosting a Friend

Qin Si was about to leave when he recalled something. He stopped in his tracks and asked the two of them, “Right, I’ll be hosting a friend from Rao City later. Would you want to come over and say hi, have a meal together?”

“When?” Zhang Yang didn’t mind. He had nothing on anyway, and he was more than willing to spend more time with Qin Si to cozy up to him.

Qin Si furrowed his brows and said, “Later. I’ll be showering and changing up first.

“If you’re interested, I’ll call you along later. You going?”

Zhang Yang nodded and said without a second thought, “Yes!”

“Alright. See you at the usual place, then.”

Qin Si thought about how the other party had come from a small city like Rao City. She didn’t know the place well, so it seemed like a bad idea for two men to host her alone. If she was a shy girl, they might just scare her off.


He was frustrated just thinking about this. He frowned again on that thought and ordered Zhang Yang, “Get a few more people to join us later. That kid is a little reserved, it’s better to have more than just the two of us.”

Zhang Yang was comfortable with them and immediately gave an “OK” gesture.

Qin Si thought about how the other party was a girl, and Jiang Xianrou was a lady. Perhaps they would get along better since they were of the same gender. He asked, “Xianrou, what about you, are you coming?”

Usually, she would readily agree since Qin Si already asked her. But this time was an exception. Jiang Xianrou wasn’t in the right state of mind and did not have the mood to meet some kid from Rao City. Just the words “Rao City” brought unrest to her mind. She immediately frowned and said with a repulsed expression, “I have something else tonight. I won’t be going.”

Qin Si saw her awful expression and could guess right away what she was feeling. He didn’t impose it on her. He simply nodded and said, “Alright, then. We’ll gather another day. Leaving with us now?”

“You guys can go first.”

Jiang Xianrou looked towards Liang Lu and the rest who had not come out from Old Master Wei’s room. She looked evidently upset.

“I’ll wait for my mentor.”

Liang Lu had really encountered a terrible setback today!

Qin Si wasn’t in the mood to watch someone else’s downfall. Moreover, he hadn’t slept the entire night and had held it out for the past few hours. Now, he couldn’t wait to go home and rest. Not wanting to waste any more time here, he led the way. “Zhang Yang and I will get going first, then.”


Seeing that she had no objection, he called the man beside him and left in a carefree manner after waving her goodbye.

Jiang Xianrou watched as the two of them left. She bit her lip and then took her cell phone out to give her family a call.

It was already three in the afternoon by the time Qiao Nian got to the hotel. She settled her stay at the reception counter and looked for the room Ye Wangchuan had booked for her.

A suite.

There was a bedroom, a living room, and a well-equipped kitchen. It wasn’t the most expensive room available, but it was extremely cozy and homely.

She had searched this hotel on a travel app before coming here and knew that it was not cheap. Such a suite would cost a five-figure sum for a night’s stay.

Qiao Nian could well afford it on her own, but she found it expensive considering somebody else was paying for her. Then again, the thought of Ye Wangchuan being that person made her feel warm and fuzzy.

She put her bag down once she entered and went to shower.

She had gotten up at five in the morning in order to make it for the flight and had not drunk any water throughout her travel and transits. She then went straight to treat Old Master Wei with acupuncture. Qiao Nian almost fell asleep while showering. When she was done, she put on a loose-fitting bathrobe and walked to the bed, picking up her cell phone to prepare to order some food.

She had just unlocked her cell phone when she saw a notification.

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