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Chapter 602: Instant Fame?

Qiao Nian raised her brow. Her eyes were dark and clear as she put her hands back in her pockets. “No need. My friend’s grandpa is my elder as well, take this as a meeting gift to Old Master.”

A jar of pills as a meeting gift?

And one with no label at that?

Those who were oblivious would think that this girl was stingy. Given Old Master Wei’s status, she should at least have gifted him something like ginseng or deer placenta at least.

How could she gift him a random jar with just several pills!

Only Ye Lan who had been disadvantaged before knew exactly what was going on. She could tell right away what Qiao Nian had handed to Wei Lou.

The drug in the black market!

She did a rough count and figured there were about ten pills or slightly more. Damn, she just casually gave him something worth a property in Beijing.

This was an incredibly huge meeting gift!

When Wangchuan took her home to meet the parents, wouldn’t she and her father have some too? She almost burst into laughter upon thinking about it. She felt that if this went on, this Nian Nian could just support Wangchuan.

Wei Lou knew what her character was like and simply made a mental note of this favor from her. He didn’t rush inside to see Old Master Wei. Instead, he kept the jar and asked her, “Are you returning to Rao City today or staying for a couple of days?”

Qiao Nian was holding onto her earphones as she said after some thought, “I’ll stay for a bit.”

“Have something to attend to,” she added.

Just before she came, she’d found that it would be Nie Mi’s birthday in two days. Since she was already here, she should have a meal with him before leaving.

Wei Lou didn’t ask what it was about. He simply asked, “Have you found a hotel, do you need me to get one for you?”

“Ah.” Qiao Nian recalled the call she’d received when she got off the plane. Ye Wangchuan had booked the rooms for her and even sent her the hotel address and room number. She shook her head and declined his offer discreetly, “No need, I’ve booked it.”

Sensing everyone else’s gazes on her, she pulled her cap lower. She said to the man before her, “Don’t worry about me, go have a look at your grandpa first. I’m leaving soon, anyway. I got up too early today and I’m having a headache. I’ll be heading to the hotel to rest first.”

Wei Lou had booked the flight tickets for her and knew what time she woke up for it. Given Qiao Nian’s personality, the fact that she woke up at five in the morning showed just how much she prioritized this matter.

Since his grandpa was fine now, he didn’t keep her any longer.

Old Master Wei had now regained consciousness, so there were surely some matters to attend to at home now. He said easily, “Alright. I’ll get the butler to send you to the hotel. I’ll call you again when I’m done here.”

Qiao Nian really wanted to tell him that he could just not call her. She had no idea what time she would be waking up.

She would be frustrated if she was woken from her sleep.

But as the words reached her lips, she swallowed them back, rubbing her temple.

Forget it. Old Master Wei had just woken up, she couldn’t possibly ignore them if something cropped up.

But she really did not want to stay here any longer. Wei Lou called the butler over and Qiao Nian followed him off instantly.

She didn’t even look back.

She ignored the whole bunch of gazes on her back.

Even as she walked past Jiang Xianrou, she did not stop in her tracks. She simply plugged her earphones in and appeared to be replying to someone on her cell phone.

Qin Si watched that calm and cool figure leave. After seeing how everything unfolded, he glanced at Jiang Xianrou, then looked away. He said to Zhang Yang, “Since Old Master Wei is fine, I should get going.”

“I’ll go too, then.” Zhang Yang diverted his gaze a little reluctantly and said slowly.

He hadn’t expected the girl that Wei Lou called to be so impressive. Rao City’s Miracle Doctor—this title was definitely going to spread like wildfire in the higher society of Beijing soon enough!

Countless people would be going to her in the future.

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